Tiger Stripe Black Womens Sneakers Product Review Online Shoe Shop – Presale

So I’m trying these on and I just ordered them while back and they’re really comfortable because you can see my toes are actually you can see the little toes sticking out and really comfortable I’m pretty happy because I want I have a I wanted something really comfortable I mean the craft is also quite good and I like it.

How there’s still quite some room to move and it’s super comfy and it’s very like I want to like look tall you.

Know when I’m in my sneakers cuz I’m a tall girl but I don’t mind to have a little bit of height and makes me happy to be tall even taller so yeah I really like them and I like how it’s black and it’s versatile and a little bit of texture you.

Know not too much I hand her this pattern on it so it’s quite nice can’t be happier yeah just open it I’ll wear.