Sonoff Th16 Diy Smart Home Wifi Wireless Temperature Humidity Thermostat Module App Remote

We’re unboxing a soft th 16 so this is actually a temperature and humidity monitoring Wi-Fi switch quite an interesting bit of tech here so obviously it links in with your phone and you can set rules if you want to for devices to turn on so quite excited to try this out really so let’s have a quick look around.

The packaging quite nicely packaged and quite compact actually so II we link is the application you’d have to install on your phone so few details of what it’s capable.

Of doing so remote control timing schedules temperature measuring humidity measuring and smart scene so with a smart scene you can have things happening for instance if a temperature raises to a certain level then certain actions can take place.

Okay see the rest of the packaging few interesting details there so power supply so 90 to 250 volts AC max current 18 air so 16 amps max power 3500 watts and the color of the item is white okay let’s open it up see what.

We get in the packaging so initially the actual Wi-Fi switch itself get a quality controlled pass and looks like some instructions let’s have a look at this so one side completely in English and the other side in Chinese gives you a good idea how.

It sort of works it’s obviously one end so that would be the device that’s a plug to power it and that’s a heater for example so you could have a timer working off this saying if it.

Reaches a certain temperature then turn on it’s quite straightforward obviously powering switch controls it whether the other device turns on or not and then it turns on.

Of course you’ve got to be careful and connect things that are relative to the load that it can handle another thing.

To mention the Wi-Fi compatibility is 2.4 ok let’s open up the other item you get with this so this is the actual sensor itself and the way it works just sort.

Of plug this directly into the device and position it where you want now the build quality of this seems ok tough rigid plastic squeeze it as well seems ok we’ll open it up and we’ll have a look as well in terms of this thin wire not.

Gold-plated or anything other than I thought really ain’t make.

Any difference a hole at the top so you can attach it where you want the sensing to be some details at the back first time I’ve really tried this type of switch so would be interesting to see how it performs ok let me give you the.

Dimensions of each of the items so initially the switch so from here to here so that comes in approximately.

11 and 1/2 centimeters width wise about 5 centimeters and height wise just a little bit over three centimeters okay the actual sensor itself.

So I’ll measure it from there just at the top that’s six.

Centimeters and then we’ve got nearly one and a half centimeters by just over two and a half centimeters not too bad quite compact okay so the actual switch itself I’ve got a button there obviously to help pair it with your phone so let’s have a guy opening this up initially so let’s just take.

This screw off and see what we have underneath there okay that pops off okay and.

That’s the connection side of things so output live to earth input live and neutral so interesting how this works no screws or anything you actually just push them.