Sonoff Th16 Diy Smart Home Wifi Wireless Temperature Humidity Thermostat Module App Remote

Down and then feed your wiring and then let go to do the actual connection so let’s try this out I’ve got some cable here and the wires are here so obviously input wise want one of the neutrals so if I just tie in the ends of these a little bit and then I should in theory just you have to push this down so it’s.

A bit tight actually in the side if you look it’s not straightforward to put your finger in but what I’ll do I’ll place it into this one the one next to it okay so here’s a little tip in inserting the wires into the actual switch so obviously I’ve shown you can push down and do it but it does feel quite firm when you’re doing it.

And quite tricky that’s probably the sides are.

Gonna be quite difficult to do if you’re trying to get your finger in there so really you’d use a screwdriver and push it down quite.

Firmly so I can just show you taking out these white ones out and the other ones are quite straightforward let’s zoom in a little bit as.

Well online I’ll just press down straighten these out a little bit and there you go simple to do okay so I’ve got the cable in and attach if I pull it fairly firm give you a bit of a close-up on that so it’s not bad bit of a different way of attaching things personally I do prefer the screw where you just screw it in and then it’s firmly attached I guess another thing to show it’s just a hole there just inside so if you’re attaching.

It somewhere you can attach it via that okay place it into position place it into position like so and then put your screw in and then it’s firmly in position okay so let’s put this back on that’s recover so really when you’re doing this.

You want to make sure things are quite tight in terms of cable you probably want the black sleeving of the.

Cable to be a bit more inside to make it quite firm so let’s as just a demonstration just show it like this I’m going to be pretty careful with it regard this.

Tighten that up ego cables attached now next thing to do is obviously take the sensor place that into position and then we can just.

Plug this in to pair it up okay so next let’s install the app so the one we’re looking for is the Wii link let’s install that okay so now it’s installed let’s open it.

Up okay service agreement privacy policy agree to that and next let me register an account on there and then sign in so let me do that off camera okay so I’ve signed in to the app and you can see one of the existing products I’ve already got the.

Smart plug so let me go for adding this in so it’s in quick pairing mode so let me now plug in the cable for the switch you’ve got power going to it and as you can see the lights flashing away there so let’s click next to that once my Wi-Fi.

Password so let me do that off camera okay so I’ve entered my Wi-Fi password and let’s see.

If it picks up the device okay there you go found it it’s registering it there you go okay so just call it temp for temperature or just temperature there you go complete and there you go is added now so let’s test it out so if I click that light turns off meaning it’s off lights turned on the red one meaning it’s on let’s go in and see what options you get with this okay so there’s the current temperature in the room 24 degrees Celsius and 75.

Degrees Fahrenheit you got the humidity level as well 60% your on/off switch you’ve got a share option so you can share this device with someone else if you wanted to you can set schedule for it to turn on and off at certain time sort of standard stuff really then you’ve got a timer so you can leave it.

On for a certain period and have it automatically turn off and a loop timer so it runs in a loop for a certain period okay so that’s good it looks like it’s.

Working which is great so now this is the clever thing about this so obviously being a temperature sensor if I go to scenes there’s two ways you can operate this obviously you’ve got your power going in and then you could have another gate cable going out into a device like a fan or.

Example but what’s quite clever about these devices see if I bring this into the video so this is my son off smart plug now you can actually set up what they call scenes and you could say for instance we’ll call this scene turn on fan and what we can say if it if the sensor here and there you go the temperature is greater than or equal to 24 for instance okay plus the bat okay to that and what we want to do we want to.

Turn on the smart plug and there you go it’s turned on straight away so what this sort of means so you could have this temperature sensor at one end of the room for instance and.

At the other end of the room you could have a.

Smart plug plugged in to turn a fan on so when it gets to a certain temperature in the room or even a heater if you wanted to so pretty smart really and also if I put another scene in say for instance the go to master device temperature and we’ll say the.

Temperature less than or equal to 23 okay to that we can say we want to take the smart plug.

And turn it off just call it off for now there you go and that would be as simple as that so it will turn on while the temperature hits a certain threshold and then once the temperature drops again you can get the fan turning off automatically pretty cool feature okay so next.

I want to show the temperature switch and a smart plug in action so what I’ve done I’ve plugged in a lamp so let me bring that round.

I’ve renamed some of the things in the.

App so we’ve got temperature switch there and then in scenes light on and light off so if I show you the rules if the temperature is greater than 24 then the smart plug turns on and if it’s less than or equal to 23 then it’ll turn off so in theory I just hold my hand over here and not press anything let me go back and give it a moment.

Hopefully it should start heating up so if it goes up one more degree there you go temperatures gone up 24 degrees and it’s.

Turned off let’s move my hand away and give it a moment to readjust leave it give it some time now with the.

Temperature set to that if I try turning it off it will just turn straight back on again there you go because the temperature is within.

The scenes we’ve set up so let.

Me click back let’s see it go down and there you go temperatures dropped and the switches automatically switched off very smart functionality there okay so.

For the next thing to show what I’ve done I’ve actually taken.

The temperature switch it’s wired into the mains and I’ve taken the plug off the lamp and I’ve wired that.

Directly in just to show this you can use it as a.

Normal switch so works well so.

If I go into it and I go to auto you can set conditions here then for things to turn.

On and off so if you’re saying if the temperature is higher then certain degrees turn on and if it’s lower than certain degrees turn it on and the same applies for humidity so again if the humidity sign so turn it on just slower than that turn it off so quite good works independently as well and.

Obviously can work as a standard switch so really good okay so the next thing I’m going to show is how it integrates with the Google home and the Amazon Alexa so.

I’ve got the two apps here let’s go in to the Google home just going to cover this area this is going to show my email details and we just go to home control so once we’re in there quite straightforward go.

To the plus and you look for this smart we link and you just add that in once you’ve added it in it asks you for.

Your login details for your account and once you’ve done that you’ll see all the devices appear if I go back I should see the temperature.

Switch is just there and you find now by the way the mics off yeah the microphone is.

Back on okay so what you can do you can.

Okay google turn on temperature switch okay turning the temperature switch on okay Google turn off temperature switch okay turning up the temperature switch okay voice has.

Changed that was a bit strange so useful to control it from there obviously it can work independently as well and let me show you for the Alexa spikes are okay so just go into the Amazon Alexa go to skills you just look.

For Kiwi link let me show that if if here’s e we and it’s that one it’s already.

Enabled as I’ve already added it before okay so what.

You go to smart home if I scroll right to the bottom you’ll see the temperature switch so if it’s not there you can just search for it in the app but luckily it’s there for me as I’ve already added it in so we can say Alexa turn.

Off temperature switch Alexa turn on temperature switch okay there you go works really well okay so you’ve seen the sawed off th 16 temperature and.

Humidity monitoring Wi-Fi switch unboxed you’ve seen how easy is to configure quite simple to setup on your smart phone also you’ve seen how easy it is to set up on both the Google home and the Amazon Alexa it’s nice that has the facility to interact with other devices.

As well so if you go into scenes and you can make it interact with something else so for example you don’t need to have it wired to another device directly so you could have obviously power going into the switch and then a scene controlling the other item so the load isn’t already a worry on this but if the load could handle it you can wire it directly onto the switch also the.

Switch is controllable from either of these devices and it can work independently using the app so you can set it.