Skin Care Routine

Hey makers or megalodons I’m sorry comment what you liked actually makers or megalodons I like maegor’s but you’re gonna be makers for now on cuz I like it so we’re going to be doing my face routine is going to be a very very short video so it’s very very short so with me talking and trying to get longer.

So first I’ll show you what I do for my.

Face routine well what I have for you so you you only you.

It’s not at Oriel well if you.

Want to do this you can’t so I have cotton pads I have mark Marcia Marcia minute mineral water and oxy or clear action they’re both the same and I have coconut cream or shea butter cream yes she.

Is I take my cotton pad take two because you’ll be doing it twice and.

There’s a mirror there so I’ll be looking there so what you do take your cotton pad and you squeeze twice all the way down just rub it over your.

Week series to get like extra dirt out see look at that it’s way more than you can see but hey let’s do it one more time another one somewhere on there scoots off the gunk from the day Wow a lot today this might be gross but see that’s done wow so lot that came off today.

Okay so the next thing I do is I take my oxy I take one.

Of the packs and I know I’ve suddenly actually before oxy before but if you haven’t watched my routine my morning routine yeah I’ll have it on my channel so take one of these just doing exactly what we did with mineral iron to fill out so what the mineral water does it takes off the extra oil and what the oxy does is it.

Burns off the pimples and the oil it burns off the pimples and the oils and it reduces from new breakouts which I’ve had some new ones but it’s been working so far so I started tell you so yeah so last thing I know I said it’s gonna be a short video which it is so next is this sweet butter I mean last.

Is the shea butter all that’s just a moisturizer to keep everything in like so this is what I do I put one to two inside or three or whatever there for the top my forehead my nose all my nose – its medical I like a lot but it’s not and I don’t put a lot on my forehead.

I love it you don’t have to use shea butter but you can use coconut oil coconut cream any butter like not the edible butter but like you could use ice that works for you probably won’t but it doesn’t work too many things up for everyone some what works for you works for you push that in there and that’s that so I hope you enjoyed my short video sorry was very short but hope you.

Enjoyed my face routine I did this morning and afternoon in my morning routine and whenever teen I did not do that because this is my new routine sorry but yeah hope you enjoy my video like subscribe comment we not tweet oh sorry like.

Comment and subscribe and have a wonderful rest every day or night bye.