Ceh- 06 Physical Security – 007 Power Supply And Protection

Okay so we’re going to talk about and how you may take a few protective actions I am sure you appreciate the high dependence on electric power we have in our lives you can’t imagine a day without power right you probably can’t imagine an hour without touching your cell phone it has become a part of your life like a.

Constant companion it goes wherever you go this is not just a change in.

The way we communicate this is a change to the way we.

Live how we run our homes and.

How we run our offices nowadays you can’t even have an office or establishment without a computer you can’t imagine one without a server or a business or manufacturing unit that is not automated both computing and communication have become an essential part of our lives is to rely.

Heavily or we could even say solely on a power supply therefore power failure is much more devastating to a business than it was 10 or 20 years ago it’s true it is essential that you have a back-up plan in case there is any disruption.

To these essential support services you know obviously you can’t predict when you.

Will be affected by storms or high winds or something like that you may not know when a hardware failure will occur you can’t predict how lightning can hit you right the whole point of lightning you may even be impacted by heavy rains and floods now most of these will impact your power supply a security personnel must be familiar with the threats to electric power and the corresponding countermeasures yes you can set up backup for power there are different types of backups available to you ud to.

The side what kind of backup are you required and what features are you require the features obviously come at a cost and we suggest you look at the past especially if you are new to the business or area to get the history of the area in its establishment a history review is important before you decide on the strategy you will learn the.

In a year at least roughly and with all the information on hand you can work on the costs of setup and the anticipated operational cost meaning the total cost of ownership and total cost per hour of back power and you also may have power fluctuations the effects may manifest in the variations of voltage these could last for a few milliseconds to several days really now a company can draw power from different supplies to reduce the risk of these fluctuations but you can imagine this can be costly.

So you can think of having generators or having uninterruptible power supplies or UPS is put in place generators normally have options to detect power failure and start automatically now how much power a generator can give.

And size of the generator it could be for hours or days UPS is are usually short term solutions compared to generators we have talked about back powers through the use of generators and UPS’s UPS s can be either constantly online or.

In standby mode UPS systems use AC line voltage to charge.

A bank of batteries the DC output from the batteries is converted into the required AC form and sent to the equipment normal power passes through.