End Times Signs: Latest News And Strange Events (november 4, 2018)(end Times Reporter)

A new report by the World Wildlife Foundation WWF claims the planet is losing animals at rates that could be considered a mass extinction the report says 60% of all vertebrae’s which are animals with backbones have been wiped out since 1970 wws executive director mike barratt says we are sleepwalking towards the edge of a cliff the worst hit part.

Of the world is South and Central America the WWF report says it’s lost 89 percent of its animals freshwater animals have also.

Dropped by 83 percent it may even be too late to do anything about it according to the Guardian even if the trend were to stop today it would take the world 5 to 7 million years to recover Barrett.

Says Nature is not a nice-to-have it is our.

Life-support system it could affect businesses as well Sky News says industry.

Is relying on natural resources are worth 97 trillion pounds that’s 125 trillion dollars every year.

For global 1 I’m Juliet vara according to Gizmodo new findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of.

Sciences show that all the carbon dioxide piling up in the oceans dark depths is causing the seafloor to dissolve excess carbon dioxide reaching the deep ocean means that the natural system can’t keep up in the stores of calcium.

Carbonate on the sea floor are dissolving that also means the water at the bottom of the ocean like the water at the top is getting more acidic one of the researchers Olivier sopes a PhD student at McGill University found that there were hotspots where the ocean floor was rapidly dissolving that includes the Northwest Atlantic and the southern ocean where the bottom waters are relatively young and laden with carbon.

Dioxide from human activities the results are yet another reminder that this era of human history will leave a geological.

Mark long after humans are gone according to Business Insider US military personnel were deployed to the border ahead of the anticipated arrival of migrant caravans active duty troops which have been or will be deployed to parts of Texas Arizona and California there among a group of more than 7,000 troops expected to be sent to the border in support of operation faithful patriot many of the engineering teams are expected to be involved in.

Activities such as barrier construction and the hardening of key border facilities according to a report by Business Insider in Afghanistan on Saturday a US service member.

Was killed in action as the result of an insider attack in an official press release resolute support revealed initial reports indicate the attacker was a member.

Of the Afghan National Defense and security forces initial reports also indicate the attacker was immediately killed by other Afghan.

Forces Business Insider reports that the incident in which another US service member was wounded remains under investigation Reuters reports that Iran’s top leader said on Saturday US President Donald Trump’s policies face opposition across the world this is Washington prepared to reimpose sanctions on Iran’s vital oil exporting and financial.

Sectors state television reported supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei also said Iran’s arch adversary the United States had failed to reassert its domination over Iran this since the countries of 1979 Islamic Revolution that toppled the us-backed Shah Iranian state television quoted committee the world opposes every.

Decision made by Trump she had cleric has ultimate authority in Iran made the statement during a meeting with thousands of students the World Bank calls it an unprecedented Exodus in Latin America when more akin to a full-blown refugee crisis than people searching for.

A better life it’s one conclusion of a report by the international financial institution to assess the impact that a venezuelan Exodus is having in neighboring Colombia the speed and number of migrants escaping the country coupled with her vulnerable condition makes the.

Venezuelan crisis one of the world’s worst yet many believe it’s not getting enough attention people go crazy over the caravan of Central Americans.

Entering Mexico trying to reach the US that’s four five maybe six thousand migrants that’s how many we get every four days father Francesco Burton young runs a shelter and.

Services for migrants in the border city of cĂșcuta hundreds of Venezuelans sign up for assistance daily they receive meals for 15 days and a thirty dollar bonus for three months at the end of three months are in the same desperate conditions as they were before hungry lacking a roof in need of medical attention jobs but we can’t do more the World Bank says.

The crisis this year alone has already cost Colombia 1.

2 billion dollars the report praises Colombia’s.

Open arms policy and its efforts to register the new arrivals to cope with the emergency yet few managed to find proper jobs Dasha Bell has been here for eight months with her husband and children.

They’re selling on the streets my husband and I are trying to get hired but it’s difficult because we’re immigrants foreigners and we are here illegally but there’s a silver lining in the report the World Bank says.

That in the long term the arrival of so many young migrants could be beneficial for the Colombian economy if local authorities act fast Colombia’s aging and needs more young workers legalizing the new arrivals and creating job opportunities could reap benefits in coming years the government says it agrees with the suggestions that.

Implementing them requires money they don’t have a lawyer Nastasia known as for no government is making a huge effort in the middle.

Of major fiscal restrictions we need the international community to understand what’s happening and lend us a hand international donors have promised a hundred and thirty million dollars for Colombia only thirty millions has arrived so far.

With the crisis expected to continue unlikely getting worse the entire continent is threatened with the consequences Allison.

MPT al-jazeera cĂșcuta Reuters reports that on Saturday Iran called for European assurances of support in the face of Washington’s intent to reimpose sanctions and vital Iranian oil sales these sanctions are intended to force Iran to curb its nuclear missile and regional activities for mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke by telephone with the European Union’s foreign policy chief federica.