Ou Football Analysis: Sooners 51, Texas Tech 46

A wild wild Saturday night in Lubbock I’m Barry Trammell on with oh you Ryder Ryan aber we’re at Jones Stadium we’re on Saturday night the seventh ranked Sooners survives Texas Tech 51:46 it was just as wild as it sounds Ryan yeah which is nothing compared to the 2016 game but in the first half we thought we might be.

In for one other one of those games then Alan Bowman goes down with an injury at halftime.

The second half didn’t click the.

Way that it has a lot of the season but still a.

Wild wild game and love it yeah Cottle Murray first two possessions those interceptions puts Tech in scoring position Red Raiders take a 40 no lead Sooners are playing catch-up the rest of the half go to go to halftime 3128 down then Bowman the Tech quarterback who was so effective in the first.

Half he collapses on the sidelines before the half starts jet duffy the backup has to play he has a rough third quarter but he gets.

Tech going in the fourth quarter they finished the the game field goal touchdown touchdown make it tight on the Sooners but in the end the owe you running game dominated the.

Fourth quarter and the oud fence it’s a couple of nice two-point conversion stops Oklahoma gets out of Lubbock.

Alive yeah Trey sermon was fantastic tonight and they really needed him to be with their running back depth taking a really big hit last week with the loss of.

Marcellus Sutton who broke his leg on Wednesday and is out for the season so really they’ve only got three guys back there in Trey sermon Kennedy Brooks and TJ Pledger so they really needed a big performance from.

Hammy rushed for over 200 yards fantastic performance for men and then Robert Barnes coming up big on two two point conversion attempts the first one he caught halfway into the end zone and took it back 105 yards for a two-point conversion the other way to extend O uess lead a little bit and then.

The second one just got his arm out and knocked it down so Oklahoma’s defense wasn’t great tonight by any means but there were some encouraging signs after a difficult first half.

There with them yeah the defense has.

To play better no doubt about it the offense is gonna have to do better because the defense is not going to get that much.

Better but Sooners got out of here alive the history of Lubbock tells you that’s good news.