End Times Signs: Latest News And Strange Events (november 7, 2018)

This military exercise is all about defending Iran’s skies using domestically developed military hardware and equipment the Iranian Army’s hot Aman MB our air defense base launched the large-scale drills in Iran’s central northern and western areas to strengthen the country’s air defense launched jointly with the IRGC aerospace force the maneuvers saw the firing of fully indigenous air defense missile.

Systems including Talaash and Mirsad which are capable of intercepting and targeting surveillance planes and drones flying in low medium or high altitudes the two day exercise also include the use of homemade UAVs for reconnaissance and surveillance missions such as combat drone CAD Road and long-endurance unmanned air vehicles ahead according to CNN 12 people.

Have been confirmed dead after severe flooding in Sicily Italy on Sunday bringing the week’s death toll to 29 as extreme weather continues to strike throughout Italy among those killed were nine members of two families who were dining together in a house that was submerged by water from a nearby river that suddenly overflowed high winds and heavy rain have devastated parts of.

Italy over the past week Venice has seen the worst flooding in over a decade with damages of more than 1 billion fisheries and the northern Philippines last week the Philippine Department of Agriculture said an estimated 1.85 billion pesos or thirty four point nine million dollars worth of agricultural producers were destroyed by the typhoon the estimates are based.

On reports from the rice and corn fields in Pangasinan.

And Fisheries in Cagayan Isabela and Aurora production of crops is also reportedly affected in the Cordillera administrative region in regions 1 2 & 3 meanwhile the death toll has climbed to 23 as of November 4th as rescuers continue.

To scour muds and search for people who are buried in a landslide in mountain province.

According to the business mirror 16 people remain missing government data suggests over 68,000 family have been affected by the typhoon for global 1 in Metro Manila I am crystal yeah according to a report by Reuters this week as pollution levels surged to severe and hazardous levels in New Delhi there was little sign that residents of India’s crowded capital were making any attempt to protect themselves on Monday the smog reportedly exposed people to as much as 24 times the recommended limits for dangerous particles but unlike in.

Many heavily polluted Chinese cities it is reportedly rare to see locals taking measures to reduce their exposure the World Health Organization warns that India’s smog problem extends far beyond the capital and the nation of 1.

Most polluted cities seven people were killed six from the same family after terrorists attacked two buses filled with Coptic worshippers in Egypt November 2nd the Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack that also wounded 18 the buses were targeted near a monastery 160 miles.

From Cairo on November 3rd many of the victims were buried Bishop Makarios head to the local Coptic diocese said at the funeral quote there is a mix of sadness and pain Coptic Christians are believed to make up roughly 15% of.