Will Social Media Controls Our World?

All right now we have this model we are asking how this user engaged in social media let’s look at the basic you know the basic communication model that I assuming the old-school start before the social media we have a and B these two people they are talking right it based on the talk that’s how we communicate that’s how.

We exchange our our thoughts the.

Saying you know that the language you know the vibrate they they vibrate their tongue they have the mouse to to create some kind of the sound and the sound become a.

Symbol or meaningful you know sign to let us other people to know what he trying to say since we talked we.

Have the conversation with somebody else in the data that the talking the accountant is not saved so it’s just one time it’s just one time life it just like you watch the livestream that’s that’s what it is the data is not saved then we’re gonna check this out of social media social media is still a way of communication we have a and B and they’re not talking.

Anymore they use they create a content to to share with each other to exchange the thoughts and meaningful signs and we’re talking about in social media you know in social media frame we have the direct message.

We have image we have videos we have likes comments and even retreat all those activities will well be included in in part of the accountants that people created in order.

To exchange the meaning and the communication hyper it what’s different with the first model we just sit in talk that the crucial point is that the data in the first model is not saved in our social media model the data is saved when we have a lot of data the mass that are going on in the social media then we have a problem so that’s what the problem is what if that I’ve become too much so we’re talking about the mass.

Data then how we gonna how we gonna manage the mass data then we have three options the first one is updating system it’s like a social media we’re updating what’s new and it’s just like.

Let’s see you play Instagram right in the way when you use your finger to to scroll down the content.

First the first show up will be the latest one so that’s how they updating their that their data and you won’t see something somebody post like a years ago will show up on your screen that’s how they manage that the mass data you always see that see the latest one you always see the news well but however on some some circumstance it’s like on YouTube.

The woman won’t be like that it could be one of the you know one of the system you always see the new one however sometimes when you see the popular one that’s that’s what we make the second second option the algorithm algorithm will give you what is good it’s it’s based on like your history history based on your history you know interests and who you are so.

That’s all algorithm they all know what they’ll test out what would you like and we’ll deliver you what what would you like about and the sort of one is likes and comments can view what is trends sometimes you see some some content is.

Really popular it just pops up and it’s it pops on the first page of the website or whatever it is it will be it will based on the likes and comments and based on the quantity of how people interact with the content if that content will be well interacted than a world that was thinking this content.

Our potential to be a trend so things the trend is going on they will select what is the best the trends and the deliver to it to you that’s the third that’s the three option to help you manage the mass.

Data so far I think it will have lots of options going on now and in the future what.

We’re talking about what in my mind for now.

Then we’re gonna go through the next one we’re gonna look at the 2.1 model so you see the guy you see god and you see the content team making let’s see this little little boy.

Is the person now is the user is the unit one user in the social media and this guy creates content the writing article in post the photo and then you will see what’s interesting is the other user were only involved not only but but they were highly involved the content he.

Creates but they are not physically involved in this person so whether you are following arts but I’m trying to emphasize that the peoples are highly engaged in the accountant then you see when the content come from mass data and people create lots of data and fun website right but on the YouTube and the people only looking at the car tens of however sometimes.

They check this person then where is this personnel is he physically in somewhere or he is just as a symbol or he is just a profile what is he what is this guy this is the person I’m trying to ask then we have to another question 2.

He or her and the way we can reach him in her so that’s another question.

We’re back to the old model we have we.

Have two people physically you know sit in the restaurant restaurant or hope they talk right the top and you are definitely 100% sure who is he.

And the way he is you kind of can can realize that however in the social media model.

You can’t you can have an alternate native way to prove his existence of her existence so I’m asking the question where is he or her exist he’s only exist well it’s better to say that he’s only exists when he created content if he didn’t create any content in.

The social media then he’s not even exist even he just created a profile and and and and and we don’t think he’s exists because there is not interacting involved check this up the 2.

Interactive the people interact with his content and the people realize the existence of of him let me see otherwise in social media they are not exist.

That’s what I’m assuming for well because we can see the content that’s my hypothesis then we’re.

Going to ask a a brother and more question.what in social media in in this virtual reality where is the government where is the Institute where’s the ruler that’s that’s what we’re talking about the the voting system and then the controversy you know story of Dona Trump nine-one-one and and the people revoke that you know people you know some.

Of the sound you know elite elite group will they create some content.

To to shape that people’s start to to to you know menu and you know to kind of control the voting system well that’s that’s.