Skincare Review: Aveeno Skincare

Hey you guys I just want to let you guys know this video I’m doing next is not sponsored all about vino I just happen to use the products and I’ve used the products within the last three months to ten years below she’s not used for ten years and she will see in the video and the products I use.

About three or four months so just let you guys know this.

Video is not sponsored at all about vino so.

With that being said let’s get on to the video hey you guys what’s up I am back I am doing.

A product review I haven’t did one in a long time on my channel so I thought as though I definitely wanted to give these products he was shut out and just have to talk about him a bit okay um three of the products are part of my skincare routine I actually have five products in all but the other two I would do on a separate video um the three products I’m talking about or the Aveeno positively radiant cleanser.

As you guys can see and exfoliator if you guys.

Can see it as well – um and I has a moisturizer lotion of course okay so let me say you had a positively radiant um.

Thing um came out I wash him out of my favorite YouTube gurus on Beauty and fleurs-de-lis no 83 that’s my girl that’s my girl um and she mentioned a vino I guess he mentioned the CC cream and I think somebody in her comments mentioned positively radiant maybe she.

Mentioned one of them she mentioned one of the vino products okay I have to go back to the video and check it out again but she mentioned them one dimino products and one of the people in the comments was like what you should try to positively radiant one so once am i I’m CBS one day picked up a bottle of it got a shower when I tell you my skin my cheeks feel so good at the beach after cleansing like it does dry out that’s like.

A shower of course my skin is dry because I do Trotsky but when I tell you this thing feels so good feel like oh my gosh it just felt like I was being cleansed by the gods itself.

I was just like I also use this in a shower as well – the 62nd positively right interface shoe I do this probably like maybe once a week or once every two weeks um they some people say you should oh heck Sonia because it does take out the natural.

Oils trip the natural oils and so I don’t stop property that once every two weeks and I love this stuff’s also as well sue it makes my skin feel so good like after I do it I’m scrubbing over I do this while I’m washing my hair and after I do versus shampoo it’s just um I think my face feels so great even when I have my hair is more.

Grown like on my face with the buter stuff this these two feels so good now this is my baby right here they know.

Naturally lotion I’ve been using this for my face for ten years of course I’ve been using it all over my body for ten.

Years to me I can’t do nothing but let me know especially on my skin because I do have like I said.

I have dry skin and especially in the summer and a big part of the summer well you got that HD pumping and the winter time when I’m in my house working.

I don’t have the heat on my mom it dries out my skin and this works like a charm um like I said earlier I had two other um skin care products that I use in my skincare and it is one of is the arm infusion from Mac and the fix+ for Mac I did a review on a fixed plus so if you want to check that.

Review out you could have put it in the link bar below I’m going to do another review later on in the foot a future serum which is oh my gosh that stuff is fabulous so I would do.

A more of an in-depth review on that one but these you would get anywhere CVS amino calm um you know everywhere Walmart right a Walgreens everywhere um my honest let’s say for this lotion now honestly and because I got to see you guys off game you do good times gonna coupon with them but I will also say a bad bad to be on you’ll probably get this for like $5.

Cheapest at baby bed to be on and I go.

There all the time so I do have to go get some more lotion on Friday because as you guys know this is almost all gone um very good product being used in my barber I recommended this to me so yeah this is in oh my gosh I love this notion but anywho I’m gonna talk to you guys later thank you guys for checking out my small quick review on it um yeah yes just definitely had to come in.

And talk real quick I will talk to you guys.

Later thank you for watching and have a great day bye.