Product Review: Ursa Major: Fantastic Face Wash

Hey there seekers of style Niles and all that good stuff joke here from style bye ciao with a product review this is Ursa Major fantastic face wash and it was great kind of had like a green tea spa e spa ish kind of smell to it it’s a concentrated foaming gel that really gives you a deep clean but.

What I really love about it is there’s also a little bit of an exfoliant it but it doesn’t strip.

Your skin it kind of leaves that natural.

Barish still there it’s vegan certified it’s gluten free and soy free so if you have those allergies or you’re looking to live that lifestyle it’s a great product for you this of course is out of my Birchbox men’s subscription I have the $9 month.

Subscription and this this is gonna last me a couple washes hey folks if you find this review entertaining or informative please go to my youtube channel which is style banjo hit subscribe if you haven’t already better yet give.

Like of what you liked about this video what you didn’t like about it what you found informative or what I could do better for you folks stay stylish I’ll talk to you soon.