Best Songs For Playing Lol #106 | 1h Gaming Music | Edm & Trap Mix

Way the feelings escaped the blood in my veins you say there’s more to it something I go all the way you say there’s more to it nothing can erase I’m feeling it preciate the other stuff those Watson gender everything is out of place feeling like my world is upside down I just wanna find my way try to get.

A breath and around the town this love yeah but what I thought it was you never would’ve known it was me everything we fell down was true was gonna have a while before we came down like wow she goes by it was you never would’ve known.

Everything we felt that was true was a lie well before we get down my wall I gotta.

Tell you but I wanna weigh their words up I’m Felix good disappear what a sorry never pheasant save but you gotta hear they say that lesson and we trim the wire I.

Told you I believe I believe there is nothing left for me best to see is we never been to build me it’s impossible I can.

See I’m sorry baby I’m headed to the bottom of the bottle I’ve been traveling I’ve been floating away every of the government – you know where they are I’d like in it be wanted to welcome to smoke in my hands I’ve been stuck in my ways a.

Few days I’ve been staring at the clock radio oh yeah well in another I’m stuck in my seat from the whole control on my speech yabin swatter get off his couch for a minute and I hold their breach no care not study I care not ain’t gonna know the I depend on me.

Yet every friend in my family’s I’m a girl everything I’ll meet myself like chocolate we’ve been harder mol/s never stop no Rachel’s dress the strength of my.

Chest to the diamonds rapping on that progress to a god from a goddamn mental place mulch s mo bless the turkic dare try to find my best son a bitch drops like in cross no bra Philip you are.

Taking me huh one thing really to sit your spirit on it’s a true I just I can’t see Oh.

No Oh Catherine says you I’m the last without you to try to act just for me don’t you think I’m not afraid son be a badge first of up the last without you.

To try to act just me don’t you think you the only one don’t you think being bash yeah be yeah boy cheats in love with.

Me reminds me of your voice even though we both know you can still tell you writing about your writing about yo I kinda like the rush your mind was on fire no ice over my session for a different Channel hey get a jump on somebody else’s lungs become some new words not and healthy should probably just leave it but I can happen there’s no sign of course my mind writing about yo thinking about your shirt is pretty guys the one inside you back to.

The ring the weather sucks your hands so Fitbit still feel it but think about it so vivid still feel it when I think about it Oh I saw you standing over there your body suck in my head like a melody feeling your touch is my remedy you make me so curious because you gave me a taste not money mom think about when we can’t be don’t go me Oh wasn’t nobody because he loving feels when imagine while stone cold looking for another love nobody.

Has to know show me a little gay nobody he can keep this on screen give me up Oh we Oh you used to call my place home cuz we never felt alone bro the only one I want I see the only thing I know you’re used to call my place home cuz we never felt alone bro the only one I want that’s the only thing I know sometimes I don’t wanna wake up I stay in bed for the day yeah I think about what.

You pay yeah and the nice that we stay yeah are the things that you say to me all the times that you come over to stay with me lot of problems that you said were okay with me lot of problems that you had went away with me I’m feeling down.

And I’m out I took about the words out your mouth you always said that we’d be okay that we can make it another.

Day we’ll tell me baby how’d that work out I feel like I lost you in the crowd and now I never hear from you now no used to call my place home cause we never felt bro the only Branagh one I see only thing I know I’m feeling sometimes like we have bumps over heads but not no scare that’s no friend because of noobs they pretend to be friendly drop the weapon falsities show up de france and whole neighborhood the.

Shoe will help you when you risky because you.

Balls are bigger than highway can we mom where is the border of somewhere in this sky flies all my heart.