Barbie Doll Pink Unicorn Bedroom Easy Diy Pillows , Blanket And School Supplies

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today we are giving Barbie a new unicorn bedroom with these really simple and easy DIY Unicorn accessories some of the materials that we’re using today are just an old white t-shirt I found this really cute fabric at Hobby Lobby of unicorns and rainbows I’m gonna use some of the leftover yarn from.

My unicorn onesie video and some fabric paint we’re gonna start doing our unicorn head pillow on a white piece of paper I am going to draw out the unicorn head you can also use a template from the internet or a mold I’m also making an outline to the unicorn head.

For a seam allowance that way when we’re sewing it together it’s not gonna become any smaller than I wanted to we’re gonna cut it out and we are gonna be tracing it over our fabric in this case I’m using.

An old t-shirt we’re gonna flip our mold to the other side and trace another piece that way we have the front in the back of a unicorn pillow now we can cut out the pieces and now we have the front in the back of our unicorn pillow we’re going to line them up together and for this part you need to.

Have adult supervision or adult assistance because we’re gonna be using a needle and thread you can also use hot glue or fabric glue for this step and we’re gonna be facing the pieces good side to good side and we’re gonna.

Sew around the pillow leaving one space open so we can turn it inside out all right you guys and now our pillow is starting to look like a little unicorn head it’s time to turn.

Pillow inside out and we’re going to be using that area that we left open and we have to be.

Really careful we don’t want any of the stitches to come undone and once that’s done we can stop our pillow I’m using some stuffing from the craft store but you can also use cotton balls or anything fluffy you have around the house and then you can sell.

The opening of this pillow now our unicorn needs its horn and its little ears and I made two ears and a horn using the same.

Steps I showed you guys in my unicorn onesie tutorial I’ll link this up in the eye or down in the description box so you guys can see those steps and I’m just going to hot glue them onto our little pillow now we’re gonna use some yarn for the unicorns mane and I think I’m gonna do a couple of layers I can do a little braid and we can go ahead and hot glue all of the pieces in place I also braided.

And I tied it up with a little piece of thread and now I’m going to secure it in place using some hot glue you can even use a comb and brush.

Over the end of the braid to make it a little bit more fluffy and it starting to look so so cute but now our unicorn needs a little phase so with some fabric paint I’m going to be painting on the eyes and I want my unicorn.

To have the little sleepy look and we’re going to make the eye shape and some little eyelashes I also added a tiny bit of pink paint on the cheeks and this unicorn pillow.

Is ready now we’re gonna do this little pillow that I see everywhere in.

Stores and we’re gonna be making a square mine measures four by four.

And we’re gonna follow the same steps we’re gonna trace it make to cut it out so together leaving one side open and now for my favorite part is to decorate it we are going to do the little ears as our previous unicorn pillow but this time our unicorn horn will be flat.

Using some glittery gold foam paper and I’m using some hot glue you can also use some fabric glue for this step and with some fabric paint we are going to paint on little strands of hair for our unicorn I’m using one strand pink one purple and a turquoise strand you can also add little flowers here and the last thing we.

Need to do is paint some cute eyes on a unicorn pillow and I’m.

Going for that same Sleepy Eye with lots of flashes not to make a hard pillow on a white piece of paper I just went.

Ahead and drew the mold just like.

I did with the unicorn head now for the blanket I measured a rectangle that fits my doll and I’m using one rectangle of the unicorn fabric and one rectangle of the fuzzy fabric I used for my unicorn onesie video this fabric is really cozy and fuzzy.

And I’m using the same method as the.

Pillows I’m sewing good side to.

Good side leaving one side open so I can turn it inside.

Out but I’m not using any stuffing here and now we have the perfect cozy blanket it’s super fluffy and fuzzy it can be used as a throw blanket Barbie can cuddle up with it and I just thought it’s super cute.

And the last thing I want to show you is how I made the cute.

Little unicorn notebook on a white piece of paper I’m cutting out some rectangles for.

The pages folding them in half so we can double up the pages now and then with a bigger rectangle a film paper I’m gonna be gluing these inside to.

Make our notebook using some hot glue to secure everything in place and now it’s time to add the ears and the horn for the ears on the notebook I just used some white foam paper and some glittery gold foam paper for the horn and now it’s time to paint on the face.

I’m also gonna use the same fabric paint to add little swirls around the horn so it kind of looks like flowers I added a few more details with white and pink paint to make our unicorn notebook a little bit more kawaii I really hope you guys enjoyed these.

DIY crafts of unicorns I love it so much I like making my own Barbie bedding for my videos and I know some of you guys notice these little pillows in the background and really wanted to know how I made them don’t forget to tell me down in the comments your favorite craft from this video you.

Can also tell me down in the comments if you want another theme like mermaid or emojis or fairies just tell me down in the comments so I can make some more accessories and beddings for our doll bedroom and if you guys haven’t watched my DIY unicorn backpack tutorial or my DIY Barbie doll ones the uniform costume tutorial I will leave it in the description and also you can click at the end of the video.

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