Die By Your Own Sword & The Future Of Tech/blockchain – Level Up Lunch Episode 2

What’s up vlog this is your level up lunch slash dinner discussion dinner I guess know didn’t have time to upload it a brainstorm breakfast this morning so we’re just gonna kick things off today with a you know a bit of a combination of BB and ll so we’re gonna start recording for the podcast today is on actually what.

Know let’s have a look the thing I love about posting in the morning is that I’m just so tunnel vision as soon as I post I’m just tuned out yes so I posted on Instagram Twitter Linkedin if your life slash mindset is being dictated by someone who isn’t you it equals immediate unhappiness and you know of course dying.

By someone else’s sword is never fun so yeah I strongly believe in that as someone who’s fresh.

Is now entering the workforce is trying to figure himself out I’m realizing that more and more I can already hear people saying oh you don’t.

Know what responsibility is yet because then dying by someone else’s sword.

Won’t matter as long as you’re paying the bills and you’re putting food on the table for you and your family I get it I get it I get it trust me guys I get so we’re gonna hit record very soon I just want to check LinkedIn for a second ordered business cards last night I was getting this puppy here.

This this little baby here serviced and basically I had a lot of time to kill and I’ve always wanted personal business cards for myself I had ryerson ones but they’re just outdated in fact I threw them out so.

I can force myself to get personal ones and you know I just created a very very simple one in fact I need to call so before recording we’re gonna call staples at the milliner location staples milliner location yeah staples Morningside it’s exactly the one that I need to pick up from let’s see if.

They’re open right please choose one of the following let’s watch template the catalog order please call 1-866-462-1922 also you cannot get your car at the moment we hold or we try again we’re.

Sorry our first customers in our store please call us again shortly thank you good guy all that um that’s great let’s.

Try that one more time or information about our products services and pricing please visit our website triple w not people not t ake otherwise please choose one of the following option for the content press enter press 1 for technology press 2 for furniture cross 3 your office please hold while I try that extension I’m basically just preparing the anchor.

While I wait for this all right so I’ll just have to call another time plus I think they emailed me saying that you know they.

Would send me an email once the business cards were ready I’m also gonna be making a hoodie hoodie and a t-shirt might make a few really just for myself because I want to market the hell out of myself I don’t really care too much to be selling the shirt.

Although I am gonna be having it up on teespring I know that’s who I’m going with um let’s get into the episode let’s get into recording I’m just gonna plug myself in the laptop situation thing that works yeah why not let’s try that now whatever it’s fine what’s up podcast and welcome to another in between this is your host Marco.