Marc 'reads' The Creative Mornings Manifesto

Hi-yah I am mark brejcha and I’ve dedicated my life to elevating the consciousness of this planet some of you may remember me as the guy who’s too Chicken Little some of it you might remember me as dad was too chicken to walk out the imaginary flame to snail to the imaginary building reality did their was done here about.

A year ago but I assure you I’m actually if so many years ago I started a company called intuitive inner guidance intuitive development and I along with an ever-growing group of coaches.

Work to help people achieve creative self mastery of their lives and also to harness the power.

Of the creative structure and one of the things we do is we teach people to turn down the volume of ego they can hear that intuition to guide them into the life they would love to live in short I hope people to create their lives with conscious intention and that’s why it so.

Excited to be here to do the manifesto today because the theme is attention right and and what is a manifesto except other than.

Public declaration of what your intentions are and so whether you’ve heard it before or whether you hearing it for the.

First time I encourage you to listen with different years to try and listen to the intention behind.

The words and to allow that to feel allow yourself to feel the power of that intention everyone.

Is creative right I believe that I believe that the only reason we’re on this planet is Japan and I’m not just talking about.

Great works of art or you know creative expressions I mean everything that you experience in your life you’re creating and for me I looked at it and I think isn’t that amazing how.

That you’re creating all these amazing things in your life in some crappy ones too and if you don’t even know you’re doing it that’s how probably that’s the power of intention right and so I’m.

Going to ask you to and they’re posed to you a thought and to give some consideration to the idea that whatever you intend to create you will create and that it’s the level of consciousness.

You bring to your intentions that determines the quality of your life most people in the world are creating the.

Majority of their life unconscious and I’m working to change them everyone is created a pre age of life requires bravery and passion honesty and hard work we’re here to support you we’re here to celebrate with you and we’re here to encourage you to make the things that you love we believe in the power of community we believe in face-to-face interactions and learning from.

Each other we believe in cards and high-fives we gather together people who are driven by purpose and passion and we’re confident that they will inspire each other and we’re confident that they will inspire change in their neighborhoods and in cities around the world.