October Beauty Favorites

Welcome back to my channel today we are talking about my October favorites there are several items here that I’ve been loving the month of October I’ve tested a ton of new products like a Ton Ton there are some new products in this video and some old products that I’m like rediscovering and completely falling in love with you know.

How that is when you go through your collection and you haven’t used a product in a minute and.

You forget just how much you love it so there’s a few of those.

Products in this video the thing that I want to talk about before.

I get into makeup I want to talk.

Items here that I’ve been loving lately so.

The first one is from way this is the volume spray so I don’t have a lot of volume it takes me.

A lot to get any kind of volume so what.

I’ve been doing is like I’ll take a brush this is just a mini.

Brush that I keep down here but I’ll take win it when my hair is wet I’ll take the brush and kind of go up and lift at the root spray this volume spray and then take the blow dryer with like you know a hot and cold hot and cold you know how you can do that that has really helped give me um some volume up here on top this product has been completely amazing and I really really like it and.

I’m gonna continue to use it cuz that’s amazing the other one I want to talk about is from Ava NYC this is the Surf’s Up texture.

Spray I really like this this is super duper affordable actually that this one’s from them as well this is the main a magic a tendon one primer these two are so amazing I bought these I think on.

Amazon but I think you can pick him up I don’t even know I bought them on Amazon but I’m sure light and they were super affordable I think they were like ten to twelve bucks super awesome I like this this is the.

Surf’s Up texture spray and I like this because I spray this on my hair before I go in with a curling iron and I’ve been really liking.

How I get more volume in my curl and I feel like the curl lasts longer with this which is pretty incredible because I’ve used several different texture sprays and this one has really surprised me this is awesome because this is just a nice shine but it doesn’t weigh your hair down I.

Don’t recommend getting too close like I spray you know probably like this far away but this really gives the hair a nice shine without making.

It feel oily so just be careful with this because if you get it too close it can the.

Coyly but if you get it at the right spot it is amazing and I really like.

The way it makes my hair look and the oil doesn’t like weigh my hair down I’m living for that 10 in 1 primer spray that’s getting to make it really quick I do have a few fashion items that I’m gonna talk about and later.

On I’m so excited about now the few foundations I want to.

Talk about of course you guys.

Probably have seen that I reviewed the Wonder Beauty nude illusion foundation and I really really like that guys this is a nice foundation this is a foundation that’s almost undetectable on the skin and it just blends out almost to the point where you can’t see it.

But it’s got pretty decent coverage so this has been amazing and this is in the shade golden medium so the one I want to talk about is this bad boy this is the boringest way foundation from Too Faced I finally got my right shade and I’m more in love with this foundation than I.

Was when I first tried it with the wrong shade.

So when I reviewed to this foundation uh maybe two months ago or something I didn’t have the right shade but I really liked the foundation well recently Too Faced.

Did a 30% off sale and I picked this one up this is in the shade sand and oh my gosh I’m wearing it.

Right now I love this foundation it’s medium to full coverage it kind of has like a natural but almost are radiant dewy finish some people say that this is.

Matte on them and for me like it.

Is not mad at all it’s very radiant love this.

Foundation just FYI it’s really good the other one is from makeup revolution I am really loving the stick foundation I you know what it’s crazy because I do not like the concealer form of this.

And I love this this is such a good foundation is the conceal and to fill to fill this is the concealed and define full-coverage foundation and I have it in the shade f10 this is amazing little bit goes a SuperDuper long way a little bit you only need a few dots blend.

It out add a little bit at a time because it is crazy full coverage but this is a nice.

Foundation then what I want to talk about is this one that I.

Recently fell in love with again this is the Becca aqua luminous perfecting foundation I haven’t picked this up for a while and this was one of those foundations that I had in a rotation.

I love this foundation if they don’t have a lot of shades but supposedly this is supposed to be a formula that kind of adapts.

To your skin color I don’t know if that’s true but I have it in the shade medium I still have a little bit of a tan left okay just a little bit.

And I’m also fake tan like I’m wearing fake tan so typically a straight medium foundation is gonna be a little bit too light for me right now I’m in like the golden medium or era right there this one actually for being a medium is a little bit is like the.

Right shade for me right now which is kind of weird so maybe it kind of does adapt to your skin I don’t know but I really like this foundation it is.

A luminous glow to the skin and again it’s almost undetectable kind of like the Wonder Beauty it really goes on and gives that luminous finish but without being make up be looking however I do not wear this with my Charlotte Tilbury um follows filter because it’s too much luminous like if you put the.

Charlotte Tilbury underneath this and then you go over top of it it’s just way too much luminosity and it is it’s not good for anybody okay moving right along so I’m gonna talk about this concealer really really quick because this has quickly become a favorite concealer this is the cover FX power play concealer now I don’t like the power play foundation but this concealer.

Is freaking amazing this is become one of my favorite concealers and you guys I love pairing these two together like I like putting my Tarte creaseless like right up on those creases.

I like putting this right here on this creeping skin now I’m not wearing it right now because I am testing out another concealer that’s for an upcoming video I am wearing I’m not wearing it right now but it is one of my go-to s when I’m not filming or when I’m not filming you know when I’m not testing.

A concealer so I just wanted to briefly mention that I’m sure you guys have heard me talk about it quite a bit in my videos but it is a phenomenal concealer and.

It in the shade medium one ring on to the face this is gonna be no surprise you guys I’m not.

Gonna go into a lot of detail about these because if you guys watch my channel on a regular you know that I’ve been raving about this this is the hourglass ambient lighting at an.

Unlocked palette I have both the volume for and the unlocked palette this one is the one I reach for the most I’m wearing I’m wearing.

It today on the face I love this palette and this has just become something that I use on a daily basis like if I’m not filming and I’m not using you know AB new blush or a new bronzer or whatever and I’m not testing him out I reach for this this is something that I absolutely love and this is just it’s just so pretty it’s a gorgeous gorgeous face palette I’m obsessed okay the other.

One I want to talk about briefly quickly quickly cuz I don’t want this to be a full video about Charlotte Tilbury okay but I love this you guys this is the film-star.

Bronze & Glow it’s so stupid expensive but it is such a good bronzer and highlighter I like this bronzer and highlighter and.

Yeah now if I had to pick between these two I would grab this one all day but if you ever want to spoil yourself and you want to splurge this this is awesome I have in the shade a.

Fair medium and I love it I love love love this this bronzer is like the perfect shade of bronzer and it’s not too harsh on the skin it’s just oh so good.

Okay I’m done I’m done walking away the highlighter I want to talk about is from dose of colors and desi xkt collection they brought back way go I’m so excited I love me some Fuego and I never use this on camera because it and available like nobody.

Could buy it this is one of my all-time favorite highlighters all-time favorite it is got that gorgeous.

Like gold champagne shade it is so beautiful I love it want to talk about a highlighter that you guys see in every video you guys see it.

In every video it’s it never fails it’s the emerets a from.

ABH and the only reason why I’m talking about it is because they are bringing it back so I have to put it in.

This is one of my all-time favorite highlighters I.

Don’t know why I use this mirror all the time in every video is because it fits my hand perfectly I have small hands.

And what I’m holding it it’s just that perfect size and the lid doesn’t close it stays open oh except for I hate that.

Pimple right of my my eyebrows seriously Tara it’s a great place to have a pimple this is by far one of my favorite highlighters on the planet look at that you guys close it’s got that like smooth texture to it if you guys did not give.

A chance to pick this up you guys are gonna want to pick this up when it comes back in everybody loves it for a reason it is a phenomenal highlighter and so good okay oh I.

Forgot the sponge okay this is becoming my favorite sponge this is for wonder beauty recent list C on Monday I uploaded a full face of Wonder Beauty I’ve.

Been using the sponge since that day actually I used it before I filmed that.

Video just FYI I used it a day before I found that so I’ve used this several times and this is becoming a favorite sponge now it is similar like I said in the Wonder Beauty video it is very similar to the morphe sponge but I actually like this one a little bit more because I feel like it’s a little bit better quality even though it is double the.

Money I think this one’s like seven six distance twelve this is so good I love this sponge right let’s move on to the eyes quickly I want to talk about this this is a liquid highlighter from wonder Beauty I’ve already ordered two more shades because I love this it’s so pretty this isn’t.

A shade champagne and okay so when I filmed that video I used this in the video and this lasted all day long like I filmed that video pretty early that day I would say I.

Got done filming probably around noontime and I didn’t wet my makeup off until like 1:00 in the morning that night because I was.

Editing this liquid eye shadow literally lasts all day it is so good the formula is super creamy I know it’s a little bit on the pricier side but the quality is phenomenal so highly recommend this this is amazing okay alright moving on moving on okay okay.

Now they have a few white shadow palettes just a few I would say my number one favorite palette that I’ve.

Been using non-stop this month is the front Asian palette from dose of colors with the desi xkt collaboration you guys I can’t.

Stop using this palette this Charles aid I just keep dipping in it and dip it in it and dip it in it I love it I love this entire palette the only the only shade I don’t like is this one this is just a kiss I think.

And it just isn’t it’s just not very impactful and even though it’s supposed to be that wet look – don’t like it it’s not my favorite shade but I love this palette it’s so pretty it’s so good so the other one I don’t want to talk about is the sultry palette I love this valent.

As you can see it is so well loved I cannot stop using this I’ve used it several times.

On and off camera I don’t typically buy a cool tone palette and when this came out I was like oh that’s pretty but I’ll just buy it to review it and then I ended up falling madly in love with it it’s so.

Good it’s like one of my favorite cool tone palettes that I have in my entire collection I.

That I have a cool tone palette that I love more than this palette it’s so amazing the other one I want to talk about is this one from dominique cosmetics oh it’s all good this was my favorite when.

It came out last year and I love this palette it is so perfect for the fall if you guys have been wanting to create those beautiful fall looks these.

I mean look at those shades.

They’re like part these shimmer shades are like unbelievably beautiful on the eye they have such gorgeous pigmentation I mean they’re so pretty those shimmer shades are like so special okay so say that you asked me hey Tara which one would you choose the friend.

Keishon or the latte the latte all day because it’s more affordable and I think you’ll like the shimmer shades in this palette probably more because they’re just more wearable and more usable than the one from the dose of colors palette so just FYI if I had to pick.

I would pick this one because it is so good this is one of my all-time favorite fall palettes we’re gonna quickly talk about this cute little bad boy this is the Too Faced tickled peach palette and I freaking love this cute little palette like $26 and if you love those peachy rose gold brown shades and it’s so good I talked about this in my Sephora video I had to bring it up it.

Makes me happy every time I open it I love the smell.

Of it smells like peaches it’s so good okay moving on I love this palette this is probably this is definitely my favorite mini palette of all time just.

FYI okay moving on so let’s talk about this one this one is the wonderous this is the wondrous the Frick can I speak this is the wondrous Beauty palette no it’s not it’s the.

Wondrous why can’t I say that word laundress.

Fever palette I just talked about this palette the other day in the full face of a wonder beauty and let me just say there is something special about the shimmer shades I don’t know what it is but it’s very special these shimmer shades are so stinkin.

Creamy they’re not like Orly shiny or like BAM in your face I mean they’re not like a Pat McGrath which I got on my lid right now but this is just one of those palettes that is just an everyday beautiful palette but the shimmer shades are so flippin amazing I’m obsessed I used it yesterday briefly in a small little eyeshadow look on Sunday just kind of hanging around my house love this palette let’s talk about these mascaras quickly I.

Really love the wonder Beauty like I talked about in the full face of wonder Beauty this I didn’t like it when I first pulled it out I used it for like a couple of times and hated it when I first got it in my boxycharm and then I recently pulled it out and fell madly in love with it.

It’s kind of unrealistic to be able to have to buy you know and mascara and wait two months to use it but I really liked.

It once I got a little bit old but this is a nice mascara and this is mascara that I use when I’m not gonna wear eyelashes like eyelashes but I’m not gonna wear eyelashes when I’m not.

Gonna wear fake eyelashes so this is this is a nice mascara but the one I really want to talk about is this one from Chanel and this.

Is the first item I’ve ever bought from Chanel I don’t own any like Chanel products okay but this is they’re so small to read you guys I can’t read it my subscribers commented on a video and said hey do you have a favorite mascara and I said yeah I’m kind of going through a few but these are my favorites out of that well.

Another subscriber commented and said this mascara was the best mascara on the market and I was like huh okay boy was she right oh holy smokes you guys it’s a good mascara.