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For the that knows me hey guys so today I have another Aliexpress haul I’m so excited about it I love Aliexpress and I know you guys really have been asking me to do another haul from them so here it is before I get into the video I just want to say if you want you can follow me on.

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Back so you can do that don’t forget to hit that button down below and subscribe to my channel I put out videos every single week and I have a lot more fashion videos coming soon really quick this outfit when I’m wearing right now all of this is from Aliexpress the jacket and the pants.

This little top and I actually have that bra on that is like that was so trendy like this sticky bra that you pulled together but anyways I am just gonna get into it and try on all these things for you guys ok guys so the tracksuit that I have on I don’t have the jacket on in this clip but the pants and the top we’re 24.

The one thing I was annoyed about is that I ordered them in the color black but clearly they are not black here so I was kind of upset about.

That but it’s not a big deal I actually really looked for this jacket that was what I really wanted out of the entire set I don’t really know if I’m gonna wear the pants too much but I.

Saw another girl have this jacket in one of her hauls.

And it was like really expensive and I tried to find it the cheapest I found it for was $40 so to get pants and this jacket for 2490 I thought was a pretty good deal it’s a size small I don’t know if I said that already.

And the tank top that I’m wearing underneath was $4.

90 and oddly enough it was one size I’ll show you guys a little bit later what I would actually pair this jacket with and I figured why not show you guys a picture of what this would look like so here’s a picture for my Instagram and this next tank top was for 67 and I got it in a.

Size medium the Hat I have on is the color black and it just.

Says 56 57 centimeters on the website and this was $6.

Really bought that on it’s because I’ve really just wanted a black playing hat and I couldn’t really find a plain black hat in a new store so I bought it here but anyway this next jacket is actually a really surprisingly good quality for you know this kind of website this jacket was twenty dollars and it is a size small the zipper works really well the inside material.

Is actually really really soft you can see it there I just overall like really really like the shack and I’ve already worn it many times so yeah this next sweater I love.
That little saying it has sometimes.

I don’t really like printed shirts because I think they can be kind of cheesy but this one for 1229 I thought it was really cute and a half the.

Tommy Phil Hilfiger s cloak oh and I got it in a size medium the next shirt was 657 also in.

A size medium I thought this was cute didn’t think again that it was too cheesy but you know it’s a little bit on the heavy side I don’t know I thought it was you and I saw a lot of girls wearing the girl gang shirt so I thought why not and the next clip is just a little boomerang from my Instagram.

Story wearing the shirt this sweater I really really liked.

And it was 1519 I got in a size medium usually when I get sweaters I get them both size up if they’re kind of cropped because I don’t want them to be really really long but I do like when they’re a little bit under this should I have the second tank top I tried on I don’t know I just thought.

It looks cute to have little pop of black under it this hoodie I’ve worn a few times already also really really cute crop $20 34 cents again in a size medium I really like how it has the holes.

On the top and this is just.

A clip from my snap story couple weeks ago where I wear the sweater and the fishnets are actually part of.

This haul – and I got three of these tank tops nude black and that white color and they were.

680 and I got them all on a size small you can wear them even in the winter under a jacket like this or the purple one I tried on earlier I think I’m gonna be doing that a lot this winter.

Where the crop tops that I would wear during the summer and just wear high-waisted jeans in a cute jacket so this white jacket also have worn this a couple of times this was 30 to 80 and it’s a size small I definitely would recommend getting a size small because it’s kind.

Of like a little bit on the bigger side but I like it like that so if you want it to look like that just get a size small but so I wore this out with the second tank top I showed in the hall.

And I thought I was pretty cool the tights I got I got them in black and I got them in nude they were three dollars and 41 cents and they were one size I’m not gonna lie to you guys there were like three stones they fell off while I was.

Trying to put them on but compared to how many are on there you couldn’t really tell so I think they look really cute.

Under the jeans so as for non clothing items I got a bag a strapless sticky bra a ring and a phone case so obviously this is the bag it was seven dollars 9 cents the reason I went with the snake print is because this fall the trends I’ve noticed our first snakeskin like wild prints and also a.

Lot of vintage items I’ve been seeing so I went with this I was gonna get a boot that had this print but I thought I would start off with a bag so the next thing is the bra and I did wear this bra in the intro to this video and the outro and I really liked it at first but after you start to get a little bit warm it doesn’t really stick as well the bra was.

Three dollars and forty nine cents and I got it in a B because I didn’t want it to you know cover the entire boob just so if I wore something that showed a little side boob or in the front it wouldn’t show I mean I don’t have big.

Boobs anyway but the ring I got in a size seven it was $2.99 I absolutely loved how cute the packaging was for something that was only three dollars and none of these things have shipping by the way but um I really liked the shape.

Of this ring as well the next thing was this phone case I actually have it on my phone now as soon as I got in then and I put it on because the old case I had was so gross was disgusting and dirty and this one.

Of purple in it you kind of need to look to see the purple but it does have like light.

Blue and then a nude kind of color like a tan color and I.

Just think it’s really really pretty I did have one more item that they told me they sent back that I didn’t get yet – cropped hoodie it’s light pink and it has striping down the arms and then it’s a light pink high-waisted sweatpants that are tight.

At the bottom and have the stripe on the side so if you want I will show you guys that on Instagram or snapchat when it comes so make sure.

You follow me on those so you can see what it looks like and I’ll include the pricing and sizing.

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