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SteelSeries is one of the most notable and Aldous manufacturers that is concentrated on producing a variety of gaming peripherals and accessories so regardless of which product you’re using the quality is always guaranteed today I’m going to make an overview of that headset known as RT seven that has multi-platform capabilities for equipping you with a high level of versatility.

Regardless of which platform you intend to use it.

On from design perspective there are d7 is 8.

75 inches in height and features a closed back design for isolating you from the environment the intention is.

To isolate you from the environment and keep your focus on your game play with translates to an improved gaming experience the backs of its ear cups are covered in a tactile rubber while the headband is composed of an aluminum this is accompanied by a padded rubber which would prevent any fatigues even after prolonged usage the headband is really well made because it will keep the headset attached to your head with a high level of stability say won’t get distracted during.

Your gameplay the plastic hinge that holds the headsets frame will let you make 90-degree rotation from which you can choose your ideal position and maximize your comfort as much as possible the oval here pads are.

Made of silky cloth so when you wear the rt7 both of the ear cups.

Feel soft and won’t cause any pain in the ear this means that you can enjoy your gaming time and play for a long period of time you shouldn’t even worry if you’re having your glasses on because these headphones.

Are really stable and comfortable so they won’t squeeze around and make your glasses fall but everything has cons and so does the rt7 even though.

The velcro fastener lets you adjust the fit the deliver bandwidth is not enough for larger heads so that is the only remark I have about this model by now now let’s talk about the connectivities and the controls the left ear cup houses a micro USB port that is used for charging with a headset and a 3.5 millimeter audio jack for connecting with a game controller phone or tablet there is also.

A retractable microphone on the left a cup that can bend enough to position itself in the front of your mouth but I will talk more about the microphone when.

We reach the performance section of the video the right heel cup or the power button and the chat volume slider so you can dial down a games background music and focus yourself entirely on the multiplayer chat there is one more advantage of the chat.

Volume slider and that is the ability to mute the toxic players from talking and screaming so you can have a better gaming experience I want also to mention that the owners chat mix tile works.

On your PC and Mac so this would be the only disadvantage of this section since users of Xbox and ps4 kid kinda left on.

Their own from performance and feature perspective the Octus 7 provides plenty of features that are there for maximizing your gaming experience as much as possible and the most important thing is of course the sound this model uses the TPS 7.

1 surround sound technology for delivering the best possible leg free 2.