Brazilian Straight Hair Review | Asteria Hair | Aliexpress Hair | Very Quality Product !

Hi guys welcome back to my channel so today’s video is gonna be a hair of you on this thing that I have on my head this has real company called us today we are here said they actually have their own website and I think they don’t an Express I’m not too sure by know for a fact that they.

Have their own website say they reached out to me and said they wanted me to do a review for them so obviously you know me I did my own research on my own guys when you’re buying hair from any hair company please always let you do your own research don’t you swatch.

My own videos make sure you watch other people’s videos and see what they have to say so they send me their buzzing in straight hair and then there’s twenty four times four and a twenty inch lace front also four wonders of 24 and a lace run so when.

I when I make the wig I didn’t want my weight to be truthful so I only used three bundles and I still have one one two right here so this is what the hair looks like when you get the hair it comes in a plastic bag a song okay so yeah comes in a plastic bag and this is.

Where the except when it comes their hair feels extremely soft and you can see it has so much body the tips are not thing because you guys can see the tips of five shedding.

And one of my fingers for the hair right now it doesn’t shed.

So yeah there’s really really soft and silky so um guys I wanted to UM die this hair purple and it was just a big fail I mean you can kind of see it has like this you can see the slight sense.

Of purple in my hair but it’s really dark I was going for like a Justin sky type of coke with whatever see that failed on my part but yeah I’ve reached the hair.

And I dyed it for this is how it came out it basically looks black but if you’re in the light you.

Can kind of see the hints of purple in the hair but anyway but even now though three.

Wonders it still feels like phone if that makes sense but not because I bleached it because you know what you bleach hair it’s not gonna feel exactly how it felt before you bleach their hair so let me tell you how the hair feels now after I bleached and I get the hair is still very soft the only thing I don’t like about the hair is that it freezes way too much and I can’t do what reason is because even if I’m wearing straight hair I want my hair to be like.

Silky straight like nice and straight none of this reason is going on here like none of that but.

Um cut from that the hair still very soft it doesn’t saengil shedding like every hair shades like I said on my hair reviews I do you get like three four strands when I brush my hair but that’s not been drastic where there’s never a little flaw or anything like that so you know the hair is very very nice and obviously as you guys.

On the scene does take what it takes water Beac and it does die so I’ll definitely recommend.

This hand company on a scale of one to ten I’ll rip this hair about the survey because like I said the hands very straight filtering and ice is soft so when it comes to the frontal frontal is not the thinnest lace that I’m you know what to it before like it’s alright but it’s still quite like you know and you.

Can just see that you’re wearing lace it’s not the finished Meister I wish I mean the work the Franz was really nice because when I bleach the lace like we’ve been like 40 minutes the lace was breached and it was the nuts were bleached and it was fine but it’s just the fact that the lace is not the finished lace that I’ve worked with that’s Nick you’ve got anything that’s you know yeah but.

Apart from that the hair is really nice it does feel soft i’ll definitely recommend this.

A company to you and they’re very affordable the year that’s leech it all I have to say about this hair I’m going to an Aussie that’s and see what the hair looks like their hair is up to you.

My hip yeah that’s on the house it doesn’t have any funny smell but only snow he has is just like you know normal hair that how I would smell when you get fresh one wrong so yeah if you’re looking to.

Make a weave out saying three bundles like it’s perfectly fine you don’t need for bundles even if you’re getting your number so yeah I like this hair that.

Hair is very soft and you can see like I’m running my fingers through this hair there’s no shutting legitly shed but when I do brush my hair sometimes I get three to four strands for every hair sheds so you know it doesn’t tangle none that I would I recommend this hair company yes definitely and they’re also very very affordable so if you need hair for your prom cause I know it’s prom season I’ll definitely recommend this makeup hair company to you guys and um yeah I don’t really have much to.

Say and I’ll catch you guys in my next video bye.