Aliexpress Queens Hair Products 1 Month Review ! | Highly Quality Product !

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am here to talk about Queens hair products so real quick real brief I’ve been wearing this hair for almost three years they were like one of the first no they were actually like the second vendor I came across on Aliexpress the verse the first vendor I had was TD.

Hair and that was atrocious that hair was terrible so I got this hair and I swore by this hair it was everything I probably ordered from them like seven or eight times like it was.
Like the best hair I’d ever worn the body was amazing the.

Texture was amazing everything was amazing about the hair it took color well it was beautiful now I.

Don’t know what’s been going on as of late with their hair but it is a hot mess like and it’s really depressing because for such a good deal like I would I would pay such a good deal for the hair and I would.
Good quality hair that would.

Last and it was great but this this last batch was just awful and it just completely turned me off from their company and it kind of turned me off from weave in general as you can see I have my real hair out and it’s permed and I’m gonna rock my room for.

My real hair for a little bit but let me just show you this hair so I made this now I had ordered I probably have this hair for a little over a month.

Maybe and it was really pretty at first and then it just went awful I had ordered a 16 18 and a 20 inch the 3 bundle deal and I paid like 125 dollars for it and it was the body wave hair and look at this hair like this wig looks like someone chewed it up and like spit.

Don’t know if you can see the madding right here if my camera will focus can you see that matting this happened in less like less than a month and it just it’s awful like and the sad part is you know I.

Work at Sephora I’m a manager at Sephora so the way that Sephora is like we’re held to a very high standard for how we need to look at all times like we need to look presentable at all times like full face of makeup hair done your.

Nails need to be freshly manicured your uniform needs to be clean pants irons and pressed like everything needs to.

And I would have to like come into work and my hair would look like this like this looks like a bird’s nest this is awful.

So I contacted the seller and I was like hey listen you know I’m a loyal customer of yours I’ve worn your hair for years like why all of a sudden is the hair bad like.

You know is there something special I can do now that was a rhetorical question because I’ve been.
Wearing weave since I was in.

Middle School I know how to take care of here so then they tried to tell me oh yeah just put olive oil on the ends and make sure it’s moisturized and then I was like oh I already do that hold on a second I was like.

I already do that so like like what else is there to do and no response back no nothing I knew that like this was just gonna be a losing battle I wasn’t even gonna attempt to try to get my money back from them because I.

Already knew what it was gonna turn out to be so I was just kind of like on that but Queens hair used to be so good and you know maybe it could.