Sunday Dresses And Accessories – Kaycee & Rachel In Wonderland Family #17

Yeah by the way here are the accessories we’re gonna be using later here’s Rachel’s and these are lines but since Rachel’s going first we’re gonna be using these first okay okay Ruidoso colorful my it’s all silver and Sabrina’s hair stop we’re just gonna be putting two clips on each side of Rachel’s head so first comes the yellow there.

In the now okay clip my hair as well like Rachel’s but three on the side and two on this side it’s like I’m gonna have to look at the mirror it’s gonna.

Look like a hair round leader do it alternating light and dark fingers for this yes in another side yes and the last one a bit of.

Hair inside there okay I’m here waiting all to make that kind.

Of rice flour bring both a thank you guys so much it’s like fish was like I have a fish tail over you really bill there okay – well I don’t really know if these are gonna last long because these are updated toys and they fall off by themselves but he’s.

Yeah but there’s no salt and I also learn it like this and now time for my necklace this kind of hardest to put on this like is gonna a la mer finally I have all track acessories on.

And they’re so cute I wonder what I look like with these accessories with my pretty glass shoes okay let me guess.

What’s gonna tired oh yeah it was easier well under here so honey Rachel Arts women except for the air.

So yeah yeah almost Alice world go we have the same shoes will almost be the same shoes which I cannot see you go over there I’m getting dizzy with Rachel 32 a nice horse where’s the Hat they’re going to pull on yeah we don’t want to go again watch our kids choice do not forget for the life.