Davidoff Florida Selection – Corona Cigar Product Review

Hey it’s Jeff from Crona cigar today we’re doing a video review on a very very special cigar this is the davit off Florida selection 2018 now why is it so special well I gotta be honest because we grew apart of the filler blend of the tobacco that’s used to make up this great cigar so it comes in a.

Bell eco so a format davin off makes just their construction in the rolling of their cigars is always perfect I really like the shape of the head.

On there Billy coasters nice shirt point in like all Davin all cigars that draw is spectacular let’s get this cigar fired.

Up now I got to tell you I’ve smoked quite a few of these already this is a fuller bodied cigar but it’s gonna build up but as you get to the end it’ll really start picking up some steam on you hmm so we did a 2014 we did an experimental crop everything else we’ve grown since then is the crow 99 but this one was with the heirloom Florida Sumatra seat and that crop went straight to dab it off what’s really.
Cool about this cigar is this.

Thing’s an international cigar the wrapper on it is Ecuador about 2000 the binder is Nicaraguan Habano the filler we use the Florida Sun growing tobacco hankies llaman saw from the Dominican Republic plus some of their pillow – Cubano and San Vicente and then we also put a little bit of Nicaraguan estelĂ­ in there as well it’s unlike any other cigar you’ve ever smoked this tobacco is unique this is a luxury cigar you know it’s on the higher end of the price.

Spectrum like all dab it off when you say dab it off it’s like Rolex we are so proud to have the dab it off Florida selection so guys special occasion.

This is what you want to enjoy.