Shopee Haul!!!! Murang Accessories

I can’t walk into my channel open and second episode knocking series now Mura Alma Papa muda episode so the first episode in the launch car Sanna Nikita knew you need a link on a limb or a delegate Kundalini links a description box below Perry you new video call about the 50 pesos worth of foundation now in a mine.

Hindi make a product and adding we began pants in a tournament I smell a fashion accessories naina Billy Koss a shop in a Telugu then she Sabra Maura I’m saved okay so again so ethany own box guys actually unbox Kanaka happen get.

Excited before the market in the mind the chinoco didn’t put a couple at the UNAM and so i at the shot this one is no because a sharpie you shop is miss Mesa shop that pH am i right nice her shop that pH never been to Shannon Mahara.

Low my fashion accessories and so you shop.

schockner grab-and-dash an amount of fashion accessory so um but anyway you nano lucky to finish up your modeling you monorail oh so if Kai young.

People number buying a my hey Lisa branded Overland in a menu in Casa tarragon you pay what she gets a quality pero para zhehan casa andina man priority human accessories or human real or watch or anything I’m a salsa Kappa wanama allah has.

In the oven and typical cocina hindi rima così homologous economic damage so on tendency Lang is queen deacon oval and sec rocket so don’t tell economic status of a.

Mudra and my items parama Gandhian quality but at is the money back I’d more an ectopic Athena much so angular manana.

Again Epling England manana each in a box see good ownership purchase a criminally liable Islam abilities on hot days a week IND tenacious okay so um Marin three pieces long watch Benelli.

But actually guys madam madam in fact opinion reload on from hundred plus to 200 something plus cuckoo some of the live animals branded but never gottena madam but didn’t see that though and what I.

Love about it sa at the 100 per hundred pesos marathon 90% actually three Athena mahalik oh that’s hundred think infer the rest is 90 plus at the little you malaria and you uniquely intelligent design a line purse and.

Papa John’s so he knew a couple i getcha and maria lourdes possibilities so empanada guys a yin method block on watch in a pineal a so Roxanna – it’s a pinnacle una get.

It 119 pesos or watch what I love about it.

Gets a then insured guys may not get enough alone a denim or a column but I am somebody insert the Longhorn on pictures case huh along with this video paramachaitanya directly caboose and kasha or any children against a photo exact opposite you ready – sir items go for a new.

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England and annoying but uh and I mean part of the semana bookworm helix a libro parabola auras Mikasa a yen and the 1989 D bar very perfect for partial semi-casual semi-professionally look now watch I’m going to learn eating them this one is 90 plus and so Brandon de no no.

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Madam miss our friend me cuz India England yeah haha school that is mrs.

Brung it Nia Tommy Latino Canyon from frame no Canyon watch so looking down the show I’m gonna see Union and then second company Lena box on kanesha guys otama ear earrings etymon Irene’s melilla at among our rings Napa accessory cuz.

I know also to the Instagram guys you have authority to you you mug sama-sama I’m Hollywood panko secondly.

To show guy is para Madame except now rings by the Malagasy on fingers and illunga is knocking pass yes so actually in terms of necklace I.

Love opera my mana biblical necklace guys now let me in stainless someone could on a belay I thought a.

Soccer in Hindi per inch a new ball going on caller ID no fee field in Canyon Park a gold so fancy landing for accessories.

Landing in fancy lon indeed the ball along at all particularly it.

Tonopen inner necklace actually guys ana de Kooning gusoff Anya is usually tow bar a new peanut Australia cuz a on the lucky so ganancia so burger topic Nahas Paganica sobre Habana sobre her boniva Paran gonna need Romania and buggy to guys kappa.

Grokken in turn has spaghetti Mugen the topper for its quality you pay what you get by then and then the next one is at all I thought okay okay you you strength Nia so bringing me peace so bring me peace jnana casa milà and problem economy DITA is you can impendence demon woman heart penis bro I onion to my yo and.

Atossa Instagram guys you Mohammed II Vietnam pendant necklaces mrs. McGinty Athenian okay so um you know at that you know you have guys well I now with an angular man for the best friend an onion and sagu Rama so Jessica say in your so specifically it’s a shop neato umihara lunatic.

Training in learn guy selling it on my propaganda behind you then I got Yamaha really yeah so often you’re doing doing similar fashion accessories you my earrings you know necklaces and rings nila mmm yet look hi subpoena pero Moreland in a man so if you’re if my budget cut didn’t go for it para Matt rhymer inch as a personal but for me hindi KO samet.

I recommend I said for its quality but I’m hindering shall worth it to buy you mirela long you’re worth it so Ellie link canal or lilac Econoline young links a description box below but i’ma check the English site now you if not gonna pay any amount of fashion accessories them with us so for this episode I.

Must say half Mura half my Papa maraca dunamis accessories anyway guys I hope not have to load on video saying No thank you for watching subscribe.

Them and tell you stuff and channel guys just click the red button down there and like this video and comment them in case of a bad of what video and Goosen young go enjoy and see you on my next episode.