Redoka Glass Cleaner Product Review

Hello welcome to my review video this video I’m going to review radicals glass cleaner this product before I go into anything this video is sponsored by radical themselves so thank you very much to those guys for sending me this product down to review and tryout I’ve had this product this glass cleaning product for two-three weeks now and I.

It honestly it is really good it does exactly what you expect it to it cleans glass and it will shift any form of dirt off your glass whether.

Ingrained grime that you get inside the vehicles bug splats on the outside of your windows to water marks the marks that get left on your window after you’ve had a suction cap so dashcam or sat-nav stuck into the window phone holder stuff like that it will remove all of those marks and it does it without leaving any streaks so what we’ll do is I’ll get into some of the nitty-gritty detail of it and then we’ll have a look at the product itself okay so the red ocher class cleaner and the sample.

That I’ve got here is literally a pre manufacturing sample so when you do come to buy or if you do sorry buy this product the label may look different the spray design may be slightly different stuff like that so don’t expect if you order anything for.

It to look exactly like this like so this is the pre design model this size top here is one.

Liter of the cleaning product that was sent out to me as you can maybe see I’ve not even used a lot of it in three weeks so.

The product does last quite a while don’t need to apply a lot of it onto the glass the windows the mirrors those sort of surfaces don’t need to apply a lot of it on just a little bit and it will get the job good obviously it’d be worth going over and checking out their website I will put a link to their website down below in the description your head.

Have a look see what they’re selling what the products are what sort of prices they’re charging obviously they’ve got more than just the glass.

Cleaner I have got other videos to upload or you know speak to the guys email them if we’ve got a contact phone number I’m not sure if they’ve got one at.

The time of recording this drop on the phone call speak to them I’m sure they will be more than happy to help you out okay so like today we’re going to move on to how I’ve found the best way my recommendation to use and apply this product and first things first safety.
Always wear some protective gloves these.

Are neoprene gloves that I’ve got and just to keep any of the product off your hands off your skin I don’t think it would hurt you if it came into contact with you it may be an irritant but I recommend obviously using your PPE just to keep it nice and safe and still washing your hands afterwards just.
To make sure now one thing I did query with the guys.

About this product is the smell of it it smells pretty chemically not overpoweringly but it smells chemically compared to some of the other products that are out there on the market that have that fragrance with them this hasn’t got it now obviously we’ve speaking.

To the guys they’ve found that if they put the fragrance in here the cleaning quality of the product goes down so the cleaning quality is second to none so therefore not having a fragrance in it it’s fine by me so I recommend doing it in a well-ventilated area got your product you’ve got your window got your PPE on things that I recommend you need you need a clean microfiber towel it doesn’t have to be anything special just.

A clean microfiber will do the job this is I think it’s just a cheapo one comes in a lot of multi pack so I’ve got one of those and a clean microfiber glass cloth you don’t have to have one of these and you could probably use kitchen.
Roll for the job of this something.

Like that but I would recommend getting cells one of these if you want to achieve the same finish quality as what I’ve been achieving with the product this is the best thing that I’ve found so say yeah a microfiber glass cloth you can pick them up for most cars car shops okay so what I’m.

Gonna do is I’m gonna take a section of the window here I’m just going to use this half of it now it’s not too dirty at the moment the bottle itself comes with spray setting on the top so you.

Can adjust part of it you can adjust how much slicker it comes out but simply holding.

It about 15 20 centimetres away from the glass just squirt a little bit on light side and we’ll put product down we’ll just let it run and soak in a bit and then.

Using your clean microfiber towel just spread it about I recommend using vertical lines so up and down left and right straight lines not circles just straight lines and it shifted a bit off um now as you can see I don’t know if.

Pick it up where you are but it’s already evaporated and there’s absolutely no streaking on that glass with.

Whatsoever I’ve not even used the microfiber cloth I’ve literally just smeared the product around with my clean microfiber towel and yep it’s pretty much.

Evaporated already what I then do just put a little bit more back on and then with your microfiber cloth same again spread that around same again straight line motions that window that bit of that window absolutely spotless now so like I say product is dead easy to use dead simple dead straightforward microfiber cloth to start off with.

A towel sorry to start off with just to spread it about get it really worked and if you’ve got some real bad stains you may just have a good little bit of a pressure a bit of scrub but just get it worked in then obviously it laughs rate spray a little bit more on taking a clean microfiber cloth wipe all over the area using straight line motion.

You too can have nice crystal clear glass I would give this product a honestly 9 out of 10 rating now the only reason it’s not school 10 out of 10 for me is the smell but like I’ve explained earlier on the smell they.

Had a fragrance you lose the Queen cleaning quality so for me 9 out of 10 I can live with the smell just open the windows open the doors penetrate the cab out that’s fine by me value for money.

This is absolutely top-notch value for money five pound for a one litre of this cleaning product most of the cleaning products should be paying more than that for a smaller amount of it and.