Cheap And Cute Hair Accessories!

Hi guys my name’s Emily welcome to my channel I just ran up my stairs oh my I’m getting heavy and I have a guest this little dog oh she’s so cute she’s not my dog I don’t have a dog sadly she’s just kind of hanging around so I was still breathing heavy I don’t know why but today’s video.

I have some cute here should hair accessories show you guys and I mean all these.

Accessories are fun because they’re not like braiding it’s not like complex tutorials all I’m gonna do is stick these in your hair and I kind of like it just brings together.

Your whole outfit and your whole hair and all your hair and let’s just get into it first I have one second first I have brought me pins I don’t mean like the whole things like help stick like your bun together.

Or something like just to put cute little things in your hair no I think these can be cute I mean I really like just depends on how you feel about personally I think they’re pretty they’re pretty cute you just have to put them right there it doesn’t look the best it’s like this outfit and this shirt heart these are like hard to open bobby pins they’re.

Like new so my parts not in the middle but that was cute I really like them I really like how they look so yeah okay let’s just move on to the next accessory accessory ss3 am I saying it right I don’t know let’s.

Just move on next I have so I don’t really know where I got these I think I got them online but they’re adorable so they just.

Look like this um they have this little thing back and you do that and it holds in place I have a bigger one I don’t know where but if I have a.

Bigger one and so it was really cute to do is I probably do this one okay that one’s too small to do low ponytail because they can’t different sizes for the thickness of your hair and all that jazz I have a bigger one to do that with but this one I could just do half up it’s really sturdy it doesn’t even feel like it’s gonna fall out or anything now you just put.

Some hairs from the front and there it goes I think it looks so cute on to the next one.

I don’t know which way to go but just on to the next one next is kind of a basic one its headbands and I mean I think they’re really cute and they just again they change how your whole outfit overall this looks there’s no he’s outside as being annoying um sorry but anyways I know so I know you might so I know you might think they look like I don’t even know if you could hear it so I’m just gonna.

Keep going I know you might think it looks kind of like little kid ish but I mean it might but like not really because it’s the way.

You do it when you’re a little kid you had like pink hot pink ones you just need a neutral color and just kind of put it on there your hair down I pull some hairs out from the front and there you have it it’s really cute of another one here it’s kind of more not it’s not as cute but.

It’s still neutral color and I mean it’s a little kind of cute so here’s this one um I’m gonna put this one on to show you ice these are cute and they’re a lot more comfortable than the hard ones you know like the stiff ones says pull some hair out and there you go there you have it I just I I love them like I don’t know.