My Guide Dog Equipment And Accessories I Use Every Day

Hi everyone this is Mel Stevens and welcome back to Mel’s blind life today I’m going to do a special video that a lot of other guide dog handlers have done that I think I would really love to do and today that video is about my guide dog equipment and accessories hi this is Mel Stevens welcome to my youtube.

Channel my guide dog Darcy and I would like to teach you all about blindness please remember to subscribe to my channel and get all of my updates then I’m going to do different equipment that I need for different weather and then I’m going to.
Do different just odds and ends that I have to have to take with.

Me when I go out in public I’m also going to do a video later on about day to day things that we have for looking after Darcy but this is just stuff that I use to go out in public so here is a photo of my table of all these stuff that I want to show you guys so we’re going to start with his work equipment and.

One of the most important parts of the.

Guide dog handler relationship is it your lead so this is a black leather lead that was issued to me by my guide of organization with which is Guide Dogs Victoria I will put a link in the description down below to guide dog Victoria so this lead has two clips this first clip here on the top is for clipping onto his collar and I’ll show you what that looks like.

In a second and then the second clip is for changing the length of this lead so this lead actually has two lengths so at the moment it’s on its shorter length which is the.

Length that we usually use when the dog is guiding us but then if I unclip it and move the clip to the second d-ring.

Which creates a kind of handle up the end of the lead this is a longer lead that we use when we’re out in.

Public and we’re relieving our dog or we’re introducing our dog to another dog or something like that where we need it we still need total control but the dog does need a little bit more room now you will notice that also on the second d-ring of my lead I have actually got a house key just one single plain front door key because I have a tendency to forget my house keys when I go out and about with my guide dog so I.

Have a key there and then that clips onto the.

End of your lead we have a color now this is Darcy’s collar this is just a this just a metal chain color some people call.
These chokers some people call them check colors.

Some people call them correction colors I personally like to just call it a correction color so the reason why.

I see has this is because we had an issue a little while ago where he was pulling a lot to get to some dogs that we were seeing at and the public guide dog Victoria don’t actually issue these colors but.
Appropriate at the time and to give.

Him this color just for the little extra control because I did have a bad shoulder at the time so and I was finding that the color that I.

Was issued by guide dogs wasn’t.

Being very effective so this color has on it three things it has his council registration tag he’s.

Guide Dogs Victoria guide dogs identification tag and then it just has a little Sydney.

Swans keyring because you’ve always got to be showing you footage colors and then if we just clip.