Easy Diy: Halloween Accessories

Hey guys today we are going to make Halloween crafts today I will be doing a different thing because between more than one craft so what you’ll need are these plastic animals so in here we have a scorpion and a frog and spider and iguana and it looks will we have it in different colors see and then what we’re.

On to anything and then you’re going to need you guys okay okay for the bookmark you’re going to.

Need popsicle sticks and for the hair clip so you learn to need hair clip and we’re doing an extra and do it ending this what’s happened pin 4 on your shirt or dress or just your clothing and we’re gonna like stick a bug on there and then when you walk down.

Onto the video so so all you’re going to do is just 60 bugs on anything alright anything okay so we’re gonna is already hop and.
Then you’re going to glue the piano mover bugs oh yeah one.

More thing you need the glue gun filling then we’ll just wait this dry all right I’m gonna stick this spider on this blue hair clip using mr.

ping alright I want the capsule while.

Luzerne because well these flush it’s hot here it is and you’re using a way to do that to dry so if you don’t if you don’t really know what they look like it’s a really good for bookmark for privacy okay so we already have the bookmark hair clip and pin pin this video on your hair there’s a scorpion and frog absolute people were not one to.

Open this because it okay there you go in my stead.


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