Logitech Pop: Controls Your Homekit Accessories With A Button, More Innovation

People who come home and have no option to activate or deactivate the accessories can do so easily with this physical button Logitech peop in the box of this device we find a pair of power adapters the smart button with the two batteries already installed a sticker to mount the button anywhere and the bridge for the button to work.

The bridge is what we have to always have connected to a socket for proper operation and the.
Range is not too powerful so it is best to place it.

Close to the devices that we have to use to make it work normally the option to use the Logitech peop using home kit is as simple as plugging the jumper into the plug you want and waiting for the front white LED light to turn on then.

Scanning the home kit code on the side from the home app of our iPhone or iPad and wait for the app to detect it when both the bridge and the PLP button appear on our Mac and iOS device we simply have to add functions from our.

IPhone in the actions section and manage what the button will do when we press 1 2 or by button long press.

When we want to add an action we automatically at the different home kit devices that we have at home then it is up to each one to add what we want and the desired function in the configuration of the Logitech application we can add devices that are not compatible with home kit such as Sonos speakers philips hue lighting honeywell or harmony thermostats it is possible that for some reason you want to reset the Logitech peop one.

Day because of some problem or simply to take it to another.

Address etc to do this connect the jumper to the socket by.

Pressing the central button of the jumper and plug it in at the same time in this way the white.
LED will stay lit and we will have reset our bridge and P o P button..