Diy Baby Hair Accessories

In this project we’ll show how to make stunning baby hair accessories of different kinds let’s start with a beautiful cloud in lollipop hair clips take a small piece of cardboard and make up already template outline a cartoony cloud like kids usually draw cut it out with scissors place the template on glue felt and trace cut it out we’ll.
Need a number of thin ribbons of rainbow colors.

A bit of hot glue to the cloud to attach a ribbon hot glue another ribbon of a contrast color at about 1/8 of an inch being on the first one continue sticking the ribbon across the entire length of the cloud be careful to alternate the ribbon colors cut out a felt square add hot.

Glue and cover the attachment place to look cut off the needed length of the ribbons fray check.

The ends use a lighter attach a metal hair clip back cut off the excess belts the bright fabulous clouds Barret will become a favorite hair accessory of a little girl take a small piece of thick cardstock for the second hair clip draw a small circle you can use any fitting object or a compass cut.

It out with scissors take ribbons of cool shades cut off a short piece add a bit of hot glue to the center of the circle to attach the ribbon turn it over to the other side and hot glue in the center again.

Cut off the excess take a ribbon of another shade and attach to overlap the first one continue sticking the ribbon to overlap evenly keep in mind the color alternation be careful to attach the.

Ribbons tight to avoid wrinkles hot glue three crystals in the center of the circle add a drop of hot.
Glue to the end of a wood stick to attach a ribbon.

Wind the ribbon around the stick across the entire Lake smelt the end with a lighter attach the circle to the stick to shape a lollipop add a bit.

Of hot glue to a ribbon to form a bow cut off the excess three check the eggs attach the boat to the hair clip embellish it with a crystal add hot glue to the backside to attach a piece of felt cut.

Off the excess attach a hair clip back the gorgeous lollipop hair clip will perfectly decorate a hairstyle of a little princess now let’s.

Make cute hair baubles make a round cardboard base for a button shaped bauble hot glue polyester fiberfill er to the card stock circle.

Cut off the excess wrap the base with gift.

Wrapping fabric make small cuts around the edge attach the fabric to the base to make the bobble brighter add another fabric layer in the same way try to place the second fabric pieces so that the layered patterns.

Coincide cover the back with the same material cut off the excess hot glue elastic of the contrast color this.

Lovely button hair bobble can be used both as a ponytail or braid holder now let’s make a hat shaped hair bobble prepare two different cardboard circles measure out and cut out a half inch cardstock strip wrap the circle.

With knit fabric attach it to the back pulling up well repeat for the other details hot glue the strip.

Ends to form a side band of the Hat attach the small circle as a crown tip to the side band hot-glue the crown to the center of the big circle to form a brim cover the back with the same fabric decorate the hat with a matching ribbon and tie a bow hot glue the elastic to the back fasten.