Kinderlieder Und Lernen Farben Lernen Farben Baby Spielen Spielzeug Entertainment Kinderreime#29

Please don’t come here I am scared thank you do you want to see magic the doors on the bus go open and shut open shut open shut open and shut well wheels on the bus come on buddy let’s go hello there it’s broken okay wait a second did you see that Thanks how much is this total goodbye Jimmy.

Wait a second I’ll get you out nope Thanks goodbye Jimmy the wheels on the bus go round and round round and round round.

On the bus go open and shut open and shut well the crowd on the bus goes move.

On back and people on the bus Oh I am square I’m a sermon I’m triangle I really love this square I get bar sides I am wrecked another 810.

Like a really lovely square I.

Get bar sides I am Brickton tolerate I’m star I so far my pinky I’m I’m sky sky we are so smart I’m really lonely shape shapes you can see us everywhere.