The Jeremy Kyle Show Classics Woman Makes An Angry Entrance Security Has To

Yeah of the different strands to the story we haven’t yet met your daughter Stephanie Stephanie is an interesting one to me because Stephanie says that she didn’t sleep with you – my researchers but you say you did sleep with your fiance’s daughter and you don’t seem to be bothered about that still I think I think I just you.

Know we’re gonna do DNA on her kid as well how would you feel if he is the father of Stephanie’s baby he’s not you definitely know that would it change your view of this situation if he was.

No why should you because it’s not normal and next question basically the message you’re putting out there is it’s all right for your kids to sleep with the apartment but wiser for the site was their fault but you came at Errol rantin Rovin oh yeah because.

They’re showing their weed light on the last show and tell got gone.

Around telling everybody see my point about the story I’m gonna come on the Jeremy Kyle show and say what a fine upstanding man.
Mick is he doesn’t do this he doesn’t do that but he does sleep with my.

Daughter but she was the one that was turning around and saying Mick down to this the comité down to that for.

Car do you think he slept with Steph oh yeah he’s told me and you told me as well yeah Christine told.
Me as well right let’s just do this bit by bit.

Your daughter Stephanie is next on the show ladies John Stephanie so puffs like we.

Mixed get off with everybody else’s she called out because I got sick we’ve get em on but.

I’ve gotten over Sango this is nothing I’m gonna be here you know what maybe hook if they look at the clinic which was having a chlamydia test why cuz it’s got a bands like come.

On it must about summit white you owe me sorry sorry wait why don’t you naked can I can I just do me a favor just let her calm down um can I cuz he’s sitting there smiling and this I know you don’t like this but this.

Is the bit I don’t go welcome to the show did you see it with me you know tell my research it why don’t you tell my researchers you didn’t know I’m not when I got pregnant they asked me to sleep with you went this home I got pregnant and I.

Went up so this it quiz I didn’t so this baby today the DNA your kid is not mixed not no chance of it bit of a chance how many times you sleep with him when I was weeping countless times careless you said – no it’s just a couple of time you still is not careless you were sleeping with.

Your mother’s fiancĂ© I we’re not together and you’re on the rebound what from what I’ll just spit along.

A five-year relationship I’m the rebound from what any other other exes anybody else in the family who were your on the rebound from my ex-partner – not thinking it was my first love yeah we’d split up after five years I needed a friend I needed comfort he was there so it is advantage on you oh yeah me.

T say took advantage of you know it was obviously me – was there ever a month between you and your mum where you fell out over this yeah we.
Did when I child escape away from the house I went.

I had one of the come up and tell me that stephanie was attic we’ve make I went down and smacked her of the faith.

How dinner wanna stay everybody drinks is violent and has sex with everybody else make the whole point becoming you’re doing this today is to get the truth except I was off a stage oh come on she’s perfectly safe environment we’ve got security stop being like a became single.

At you kid come on I’m in a hurry sit down come on that’s just Rick why are you so angry with her whoa yeah because I was saying old to old people when opinion differed in places where she leaves in that thought Mick when I was pregnant.

So that makes my son his son no compromise but you’ve seen the DNA results when you come with.9% and a couple of digits after that and because she didn’t believed it she’s old love decreases it says our stepson indeed Isis be losing this is the point hear me out do you think and you should shut up but because she’s not with him and she’s not what.

She made herself out to be so in your mind she’s a control freak she’s violent do you think that she stirred it about your kit and you think she stirred it about your kid just to get back at him that’s the point of.

Why you guys are here to say we might not be with him but we’re not having lies made about our kids and about him because that’s what she is.

Now because she’s just a one vindictive little liar – read down keep hopeful of coffee to me cuz I swear.
To god I’ll take your leg off your shoulders if you want to make.

Threats like they’re right I’ll have you off this stage out of this building it’s ridiculous you say about your baby come on you tell when you come to mine your mom baby step you’re a baby got it shut.

It now then right you come to mine I have Jack you told me you didn’t back them you bastard Bobby’s I was mean nothing when at the end.

Of the day leave no I bath cold you know I.

Did not yeah you know do you not cook what summer to eat you d forget that who’s.

Next Christine’s on the show now it’s stepdad oh right Christine is your excuse me is your stepmother in effect she’s had kids with your father right right she says that rumors have started that she.

Slept with Mick which is a terrible effect on a marriage but that you that you can you admitted it sent some pictures like that wasn’t my back skate Christine on the show why are you clapping whoa hold on hold on I might.

Be sitting here but you’re no angel I’ve heard some stuff today and I’m not happy with any of you.