Quit Social Media…sort Of

For the past four years I’ve been building my business online mainly using social media and I think it’s time for me to take a break I just don’t want to do it anymore it was just getting to the point where I was losing a lot of confidence in myself the main reason why I wanted to do this is.

That charge back into my life just kind of bringing life back to you back to a time when we weren’t.

So dominated by screens Cheers cold coffee it’s good what’s up you guys my name is Samantha huger welcome back to my channel today I want to talk a little bit about a topic that is near and dear to my heart and something I’ve been really wanting to do it’s just kind of been something that’s been pulling on me and that is to get more control over the amount of time that I spend on social media in front of.

A screen on my phone especially when it is time that I could be connecting more with my family with my friends and just connecting more in life the main reason why I wanted to do this is because I wanted to break that charge back into my life and so today I wanted to share with you some of.

The things that I am doing to help me to kind of like decrease that social media addiction that a lot of us have right now or that screen addiction that a lot of us have and just some of my tips to help you to live.

A more connected life with those around you and more connected to your own life in your environment just I don’t know just be here.

So without further ado let’s get into the video oh you guys so if you’ve been following me for the last 4 years or so I’ve been an online entrepreneur I have built multiple businesses online and had a blast doing it mainly I have sold products through.

Social media and it’s been amazing I have literally met thousands of amazing people and if you are one of them I love you I appreciate you thank you so much but there’s been a big part of me lately that has really wanted to kind of take a step back and realize am I just consuming.

Things on social media am i spending too much of my time scrolling maybe you.

Can relate to this am i stopping in a stoplight and feeling like oh I’m gonna check my Instagram really quick I’m gonna check my Facebook I just felt like maybe there was a part of me that was not connected to actual life and what happening in my own life and not necessarily connecting to the people in my.

Life who really matter like my family and my friends and the people I’ve known forever I just wanted to feel about connection to my life again I’ve been doing network marketing for the past couple of years you guys have probably seen me go from one company.

To the next and so far I have built three successful multi-level marketing businesses and I have left all three of them because I’m just one of those people who if it doesn’t align with me I’m out I’m gone you know I’m the type of.

Person who I really need to be doing things that really align with me and what I am all about if I’m going to be putting myself out there so two weeks ago I ended up leaving my final multilevel marketing company I just don’t want to do it anymore and when this company came to an end for me two weeks ago I realized okay this is my sign from the universe that it is time for me to actually do.

That thing I want to that I’ve been wanting to do that’s been pulling on my heartstrings and that is to decrease my screen time I’m.

Sure you guys know a couple of months ago like mmm a month or two ago Apple came out with that new screen time feature and you can see exactly how much screen time you’re getting I was getting like four-and-a-half hours of screen time on my phone alone in a day it was adding up to something like between 28 and 36 hours a week that’s more.
Than an entire day in a week spent looking at.

My screen and I was just totally baffled by this okay this is just absolutely ridiculous there’s something that needs to be done here I need to be spending more time creating creating content that lasts like these.

Like my blog posts and not just scrolling through social media just to scroll through social media I don’t want.

That to rule me anymore what I want to be ruled by is my own creativity my own flow I’ve always felt like I was very good at not comparing myself to others but as I failed more failed forward I guess you could say as I field forward more and more in business I felt like damn I’ve been.
Doing this for so long and I’m only this far and that comparison.

Really started to get to me and a lot of times when I was building these businesses I wasn’t being my own true self I was being a copy of the other people out there and because I was being a copy.

Of the other people out there because I was spending so much time on social media lurking on their pages and not doing my own thing.

I was a losing part of myself I wasn’t standing out in the marketplace it was just getting to the point where as losing a lot of confidence in myself so I decided that November would be sort of.

A like no screen November like taking a social media sabbatical so here are the things that I did to help me to connect more with my life and not be so connected to social media or to my screen so the very first thing that I did is I.

Deleted my social media acts from my phone which is absolutely crazy because I have been building businesses on social media for the last four years although it was really scary to do it was actually extremely freeing because now if I want to hop on social media I have to do it from my computer which means I can’t be out and about running errands.

Checking messages on Facebook.

I can’t be in the car at a stoplight looking at Instagram things like that so it was extremely freeing to me it helped me to be much.

More intentional with my time on social media if you’re not quite ready to do that and you’re thinking taking my social media apps off my phone just sounds absolutely.
Ludicrous Samantha I cannot do that what you can do is instead.

Turn off all of the notifications for your social media apps on your phone I’ve always been a big proponent of this that I really only have the notifications for the things that are most important on my phone so that I’m not getting a ton of notifications and don’t get me wrong like I’m.

Pretty I’m pretty strict about the notifications on my phone and my screen time app still says that I get like a hundred notifications on my phone today.

So I can’t imagine how many notifications some people are getting when they’re not being strict about the notifications that are coming through on their phone the next thing that I would suggest is to decide what it is that you’re going to do with that time that you’re normally spending scrolling on social media and decide what you’re going to do maybe there’s a hobby that you really wanted to.

Pick up or maybe there is a sport or a workout that you’ve been wanting to try or something you’ve been wanting to do like rollerblading or hiking or going ice skating or going snowboarding or reading more or doing yoga whatever.

It is like you can decide that you’re going to instead of scrolling social media mindlessly it’s going to free up that time so that you can do those things that you want to do it’s amazing how much we miss because.

We’re so connected to these phones just kind of bringing life back to you back to.

A time when we weren’t so dominated by screens I know that life can never go back to a life without screens or without social media but I do feel like this.

Is a great way for me to be more intentional with my time to connect more with the people who are really important to.

Me and the people who surround me and people who support me and to just really get connected with my life again I feel that charge and that happiness again.

In life and not feel like I’m constantly consuming things and not creating what I know in my heart I am here to create getting more of that.

Deep work done speaking of deep work there are two books that I want to recommend to you guys the first book that I want to recommend is a book called deep work and it.

Has an entire chapter called quit social media you guys know I’m not telling you to quit social media but I am suggesting to.

Be more intentional with your time with it so this is a really great read for somebody who is an entrepreneur and they’re looking to create more content and get more work done and just not be so distracted this we’re very distracted by all these screens.
Around us and then the other book is if you’re a parent or if you’re mom is.

Called hands-free mama I love this book I got this a couple of years ago when I was just so into building my business on social media but I was getting made fun of by.

People around me that I was spending so much time on social media and I really I felt very guilty I felt like I really needed to start connecting more with what.

On around me especially with being a mom I needed to connect more with my son and I.

Needed to commit to connect more with my fiance so this book.

Hands-free moment is a really good way to kind of realize that how much more we’re missing out on by looking at our screens all day and it’s called on hands-free mama a guide to putting down the phone burning the to-do list and letting go of perfection to grasp what really matters boom that’s like literally the exact reason why I wanted to do this little no.

Screen November project like I said this is for somebody who wants to do this if you want to be on social media all the time I’m not judging you at all.

This is just what was happening in my life and.

Things that I wanted to change so I hope these tips helped you if you have any tips of your own that you would like to share please feel free to leave them in the comments below if this video helped you or if you feel like it could help somebody else please feel.

Free to share it I really appreciate it when you do that I love you I appreciate you and I will see you guys.