Co2art Pro Elite Regulator And Accessories

Hello everybody its tres here again it’s been a while since I’ve made any videos but I’ve got a lot of things that I’m trying out so here’s the first addition of some of those items so I had a little hiatus it’s kind of been a bad year for me and I deal with depression and had a rough time.

This summer so for the videos that I had made before where I had said that I was gonna be.

Doing updates on them I didn’t and that was the reason why so addition additionally if anyone has any questions I’ll be happy to answer them I have taken that tank down well sort of just rearranged it and now it’s going to be with very little soil and not escaped at all in very little plants but.
Aside from that what I want to show you guys today is a product.

That a lot of people are I would say intimidated by because it can be a little scary for some people for me it was it was a huge thing for me to get into pressurized co2 if I had not had the mentor that I had at the time who gave me a setup I would never.

Have gotten into it I was doing DIY co2 and if anybody has ever done that you know that it can be kind of a hassle you don’t really get the full benefits of the co2 and so there’s still a lot of plants that you can’t really.

Grow well to their best of their abilities without having some sort of pressurized co2 something that you can turn on and.

Off so before I start that I want to show you this shirt that.

I’m wearing and I want to give a shout up to my friend Randy Reed he has a podcast it’s called the apart bockwurst podcast and.

He’s taken the time to speak with a lot of.

Different people from different sides of the hobby both freshwater saltwater from trimmed plants ever thing included and breeding fish breeding shrimp such and such like that so if you’ve not heard of and listen to listen to some of his podcasts it’s really it’s a lot of good information I’m on there talking about.

Products and he just is really getting a large community of people and just sharing experiences and so he’s a really good he has a really good voice definitely made for radio and you know his face too oh he could definitely do something more than just that but so the product I wanted to talk about is from co2 art I was sent this regulator I’m going to show you here in a minute I haven’t taken.

It out of the box of had it for almost a month so that kind of shows you how I hadn’t been.

Doing a lot with my tanks but my friend John was happy enough nice to know if I should say to send me this product for.

Me to try out now a little background on that I originally started with Milwaukee that was the one that I was.

Gifted and it did it’s been running for over 10 years I.

Can’t say anything bad about it it has its ups and downs and sometimes the needle valve doesn’t stay where it should.

Be so fluctuations and that I’m not using it right now I was going.

To set this this new one this new regulator up on the 20 gallon tank but I’ve turned to every tank in my.

House into a shrimp tank except the monster and so I’m just gonna have to take off my current one and use this one in its place so that I can at least see how it is give some reviews answer any questions and give my opinion basically on.

The product itself so leading into that I currently have a gla.

Which is green leaf aquarium I bought my regulator I think about three years ago and it’s been fine I even have a second manifold so that I.

Can run multiple tanks at two tanks at one time and I had been doing that in the shrimp tank.

That I was no longer an aqua scaped nano tank now it’s gonna be your shrimp only tank so that won’t be necessary but when I show you what I have under the beast then you’ll see that I have the dual manifolds on there so getting into this I have the co2 art Pro Elite Series regulator really in there styrofoam so.

This is the product honestly I don’t know a lot about it yet because I just I unpack the box and literally set it to the side about three weeks ago so what.

I’m gonna do actually is show you guys everything I’m gonna be doing and then I’m gonna stop the video and then I’ll have an update video after I have it installed if I could learn how to piece together videos or edit them together then I would probably not waste your time in having to come back for another video but I don’t.

Know how to do that I’m not a YouTube expert I guess you could say I’m not a video expert so so you get what you get you follow my page then I kind of know me so like any.

Other you have your your dual gauges this one I believe is not a dual it’s just a single stage I don’t think it’s a dual stage I been looking at this it doesn’t actually say if it’s a single.

Or dual I believe it’s just.

Dual gauge not dual stage and yes there is a difference there so what came in the kit is this regulators the regulator section your bubble counter pretty average it’s lightweight feels like it’s made out of aluminum this one’s got some steel actually it’s all steel probably stainless steel I would imagine and of course your plug even though this came from Germany it is uh there we go even though I came from Germany it is a. plug because you know this is our.

Market here our area John also sent me a co2 dropped Eckert kit co2 tubing and I chose he wanted.

To send me the inline diffusers so I chose the 1216 inline diffuser I had thought I would use it on or in conjunction with my I’m a smaller one but yeah then things changed so I’m still gonna have to use it on a smaller one.

But I just so happen to have two filters running on this so before I get under the under the carriage over here I just want to tell you the prices of these items the elite pro regulator itself just by itself is two hundred and nineteen ninety nine euro which converts to roughly 250 US dollars the inline diffusers that you have the twelve sixteen I have and they also have the 16 22 the twelve sixteen is $31.

Euro the 16 22 is 3299 euro and that’s approximately thirty seven dollars ich US dollars the co2 the co2 kit that.99 euro which is about 23 US dollars and the one meter of it is actually co2 resistant aquarium polyurethane tubing and.

That retails at 199 euro or about two and a quarter of US dollars so everything’s available it can be shipped directly from Germany over to whatever address you have here in the States and I’m sure that they probably are able to ship to other countries as well you just have to go.

Check out their website and see for yourselves so without further ado let me show you my mess of a tank because again I’ve gotten lazy so this is the Beast Wow I have so much work to do so much work.

Okay and this is my mess that I call my undercarriage okay so what I’ve got here is my GLA I squeeze in here and where are we there we go it’s the GLA I don’t even remember what it is dual.

Gauge I don’t remember which model it is but it has the dual manifolds that I mentioned two gauges you have one.

Gauge that shows you the pressure of your tank well this is the outgoing pressure and this is the internal pressure that kind of tells you how much you have remaining in your tank inside.

This tank I mean not this tank up here but anyway so that’s what I’ll be doing I will be taking this bad boy out and I will replace it with the new product this is the.

I’m going to attach it to with this has the 1216 hose I’ve got to get it right and it’s gonna take me a little while to get everything situated I do have to do maintenance on my canisters it’s been a while so this kind of comes.

At a convenient time for me so if you want to see any more about this particular co2 art product you can go to the website which is co2 art dot mm actually I pulled it up and I know it’s dot-eu I think it is I wasn’t prepared for that it is co2 the number two co2 Artie you so you can go check out the products there but until then if you’re still curious check back with my page and I will give.

An update after I have everything installed ciao.