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Hello morning and welcome to this video and we will be showing today how to see the cameras IP cameras and what the different is between two four eight megapixel so in this case this is IP cameras I will be showing three of them and then you will be the difference and similarities on the on the view of the.

Cameras as you can see the name is two megapixel camera for this view I will be adding more and then you will have these three views all are similar.

Pointing to the same place the way you can compare and tell your own conclusion of which one is the one you would like to use depending on your application where you want to use it so I will be coming out the two.

Map is a camera you can see it’s clear but if you look at the age of four megapixel is a little bit different when.

You want to see deeper details on the view let’s take an example okay as you see when we zoom in is like the letter.

Has distortion and you won’t be able to read and in this case this is with a two megapixel camera so I will zoom out and you will see what the distance is and then let’s.

See what happens when you run a 4 megapixel camera which is a 2k camera and then we try with a with a 8 megapixel camera that is the 4k so as you can see we smile and we took a look let’s see what happened with the 4 megapixel camera so this is the assuming digital zooming open as you can see it’s a little bit better but a state.

You won’t be able to read you know easily probably you can guess does the name parking by the several permit only but you you can’t three clear what.

Is there so I will do a suma once again that when you see the distance somehow they must will be.

Clearing up when you zoom out on the screen okay so now let’s take a switch to the egg megapixel camera open the eater song and then you can see how differing is look similar at the view wing is regular no zoom is fine but when you do this kind.

Of zooming and in this case is DITA you will get much better resort when you get a higher resolution camera so you want it if you will.

Use it for getting details like face reading text like this in some situation when you nearly details on the picture like Heidi tailored yet and this is the a megapixel you see how the furring is so you will be able to read.
But if you use the 2 megapixel camera.

In the same place and use assuming see how distortion what.

The distortion is in this case you won’t be able to read kind of 4 megapixel camera is the is in the way you will be able to read but now as they a megapixel camera of course because it’s twice the resolution is are really much better so I will show you it’s a little bit.

Better but it still is uploading so but if we take the 8 megapixel you see much better so you will be able to read that we are talking about 25 to 30 feet from the camera so this is really far then you know the size of.

The letter is really small so it’s really good you see we can do assuming so you can see how how clear it is.

On the image and this is our camera that our high resolution but it’s not a that expensive so if you have any question or needs a camera like this just call us to the our number these are technology and we will be too happy.