Curry Printing Social Media Marketing

Hello my name is bill Henshaw and unfortunately I had three teeth taken out so if I sound a little funny is because I just had a oral surgeon take three wisdom teeth out so my presentation today is on curry printing social media marketing plan again my name is Bill Henshaw and so we came up with a vision for.

My client you didn’t have one provide high quality timely reasonably priced print collateral material to local businesses to enhance their ability to present themselves to their clients to be kenny leader in graphic and print vendor.

In Tulare County I’ve been in printing before.

So I know a little bit about printing and these are the most important things that clients looking for high quality be on time and then and reasonably priced Kevin’s a small print shop so I think this is a really good vision for him to start with and then later on maybe he can meet more specific and some things as he goes along from our research as far as the content areas we want to focus in on its Facebook Instagram.

Twitter and LinkedIn he really has none of these except for a little bit of Facebook but we’re gonna do some drastic improvements to his social media marketing plan we’re gonna use video I’m a video production teacher so it’ll all about video some motion graphic static ads and other types of digital media for.

Content I really like canvas I’ll be designing some canva advertisements and of.

Course video production whether he shoots the footage and brings it to me and I’ll edit it or we got to his place of business and shoot some commercials or some promotions so it’s really important so the.

Utility we specially have specials and new offerings and so I was suggested he do some discounts or some special offers for new customers we also want to talk about entertainment and he has a good time he takes his family out and they do for buying he’s a good adventure so I want him to start really showing that showcasing that.

On his page that people can get to know.

Him personally coming is a really great guy to pick of him and they won a third place at a crash-up Derby car that he bought made so he’s very mechanical.

Very he’s very able to work with his hands and so we want to tell that story through entertainment and also to talk about his history about getting into printing and his family has a bunch of kids and then growing up in the area of Tulare and.

Visalia which is called Tulare County the front of this is curry copy and so this will be a little introduction video right here so kind of a whole well-rounded personable social media content strategy so here’s.

A facebook we want increase the followers share engagement weekly content and brand awareness as you can see on here this is his Facebook page it doesn’t have a lot of followers but there is some that we want to double that we want to increase the followers the readership in the engagement Instagram II has no Instagram so.

We’re gonna go from 0 to 100 real fast Twitter again nothing here for Twitter so we’re gonna create a Twitter page for him and get that going.

LinkedIn again really has no content here so really gonna make him look professional and look like he is a bigger company to help him grow his company alright so this is one of our buyer personas the primary buyer.

Will be an office manager around 45 and you can see the bunch of the other demographic information but.

We got this from Facebook because Facebook did have people who are following and this was the demographics that was the number one and after talking with him he confirm that with us.

So people who work at doctor’s office lawyer’s office those type of things professional offices our office manager who would be buying the printing this is a secondary person this would be a secretary and this person would be probably single aged about 24 lives in visalia or the area and that person would be another person we want to market through social media that’s why we went with Twitter and Instagram because the younger generation a lot.

Of will be on the Twitter Instagram where older people will be on Facebook these were the SWOT.

Analysis so the strengths we talked about his strengths when we met with him high-speed color copying graphic design and of course in his commercial printing or quick printing that he does week this is we.

Talked about turnaround for his graphic design and be able to handle bigger jobs and you know I considered a high quality print shop so he doesn’t work.

On and then opportunities large format pretty it really could expand his business if he got into a bigger she nor had a vendor to do that type of work for him he could do vehicle wraps and Sutton and store signage and large posters if he had.
A full time graphic designer that would also help him grow his business and.

Maybe venture into West on web design he doesn’t do that much ad specialty but he does just do some buy outs with Christmas cards and calendars of which we’re gonna help him promote and then the threats are the larger companies in town they have a quicker turnaround deal with a larger.

Volume have more employees and the challenges in printing is the the concentrate of his business with a number of employees he has he can make more money if he has just two or three more employees he can get you know double or triple the volume and make a lot.

And then we talked about some smart goals with him and so.

That’s going to be this campaign with Christmas cards and calendars that we’re gonna we’re gonna do for him but we really wanted this social media platform off and running and have.

Those four different social media tools or sites that he hello he’ll have Facebook Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn all to be matching have a uniting theme between all of them so that when we.

Do start marketing he can start getting people to follow all of them hopefully and cross market and start doing a lot.

Of promotional things again talking about himself and that’s about it I know it’s been a long one hopefully you’ve learned something.

Have a great day thank you you.