Testing "the World's First Waterproof Shoe" | Form Vs. Function – Full Vessi Product Review

Hi guys my name is harmony and I make videos about west coast living before we start I want to show you something welcome to the wet coast we got lakes oceans rivers beaches streams glaciers and it rains 150 days a year the coast is our playground and when other people run for cover we’re not afraid to get wet.

Because the rain is a part of our culture and our lifestyle is a balance of work.
And play introducing VESA gift the.

World’s first waterproof knit shoe so today we’re gonna be talking about Vesey Footwear so I showed you that little commercial because it’s something that I actually put together for besties.

A couple of months ago when I worked.

On a project with them and if you’re excited and you want to know more about effective products then you’re in the right place because today we’re breaking down the form and function of why this is.

A great product as a designer both form and function are very important to me in everything I buy form obviously is the way something looks feels its aesthetic whereas function is how it works and.

It has to perform well so today we’re gonna do a full demo demonstrating both how they work functionally and we’re gonna test them out and we’re gonna be looking at the form put toilet paper inside of your shoes that you.

Can see if it’s getting wet now we’re gonna submerge the.

Shoe and what a shoe is wet but the tissue paper inside is entirely dry okay so for the second test I just put.

Them on after submerging them inside their still drive but just to hit the point home we’re gonna go to the ocean and try to walk in the water and see what happens oh.

And by the way guys this video is actually a giveaway so I’m just celebrating a couple of different milestones with my YouTube channel and I’m gonna give away a hundred dollar gift card just to say thank you so it’s gonna be a prepaid mastercard and you can use it to buy whatever you’d like maybe pop a new pair of essays so at the end of the video I will tell you all the details okay so here’s the review this foot is wet this foot is dry.
And this is because they’re completely waterproof but if for some reason.

You’re not paying attention and water goes over the top it can drip into the shoe like that so that this part is all waterproof but that’s the only exception you just.
Can’t fully submerge your foot and have water.

Seep into this little ankle part the vexy has done a really good job of keeping the these really high and pretty tight to the foot so that’s not an issue in puddles or like rivers but if you’re going into the ocean you might get one another important thing to know is that these shoes.

Are cruelty free so there’s no testing on animals there’s no use of leather and now it’s been about a half hour since we’ve been inside they’re completely dry from when they.

The water so to talk about form which is basically way something looks I want to enlist the help of my friends Lindsey and Steven just has their vancouver-based bloggers who deal with fashion so who better to review the product and.

Give you the real lowdown on what it’s like so hi my name is mainly my name is Steven I do fashion.