Episode 9 – More Smart Home Than Security System

I got the club near the club you’ve got the cloud we’re in Emerson Willis I appreciate you coming on quoted today you are certainly somebody that I rely on that hedge quote relies on when it comes time to discuss flood insurance and we certainly consider you an expert there you are the the founder the owner of yep insurance.

But today I wanted to discuss another program in another business that you operate I think in conjunction certainly because we see the tie ins buttons up first and foremost Emerson Willis my friend.

Welcome to quoted Thank You Man I appreciate a pet this is a privilege for me and I love what you’re doing the idea of how you help other people out and I think that this is a great opportunity just for the listeners for us for everybody I think it’s a win-win I’m excited and the help it’s a.

Great way to launch into this because your day to.

Day is your you’re a flood insurance expert you you also own an insurance brokerage so you can handle a lot of different things on the insurance side of things but today let’s talk about home security I I’m not.
Gonna pull them out but right.

Next to it let’s see what I.

Got here I got I got my security system here asked them but I don’t think I don’t think that’s enough so let’s go straight in so Vivint I’ll give you a little backstory I’ll be quick about it but it.

Kind of just ties in to how.

This all happened many years.

Ago gosh it was like eight years ago somebody knocked on my door at my house and I don’t I’m not typically the best person to knock door knock my door and sell me something my just because I’m a sales guy so I can smell every single sales pitch.

I’m just like you know but anyways I actually my my daughter was brand new borange she was young and so my my thoughts as to protecting my home are much different than it was when it was just my wife and I I started think about my kids I thought differently about just when I would lay my head down at night I was like man like what if someone busted.

In the door what if I forgot to lock a door I mean just stuff like you know goes to your head and you think differently when you have a family and I think the thing is it’s important about is like what are the most important things to us like of course like family you know is super important so we want.

To protect that but it’s also like our home you know so anyways go back to the door knock in my mind I was already wanting a solution for that I just hadn’t taken action.

This guy came to my door and just happened to be at the right place at the right time I welcomed and welcomed him into my house i sat him down at.

The kitchen table and I was blown away with what the company was this is like pre me really being into flood insurance I was doing some insurance on the side.

But I was just blown away as who they were as a company and I signed up.

On the spot they had this system installed in my house that night I loved.

Vivint because a lot of the other security companies they they go out there and they do a lot of third party you know their installers or a third party there are people who consult or third parties it’s.

All mixed up Vivint 100% everybody that works for them is vivid they’re W you know two employees so I just everything about him right off the bat was awesome and I was really excited because I was like ready to protect my family look like right now you know what I mean like it was already bugging me a lot you know and I live in a nice neighborhood I’d never heard of anybody gettin broken – it’s just one of those things so you know so.

I was a customer first you know what I loved about him is you know I’ll talk a little bit about some of the products I love the doorbell camera because I see somebody coming up to my door I can see their face.

I can talk to him through it I can actually open up my phone on my app when I’m not at home and talked to the person at my front door and let’s say I got an Amazon package delivered which we all know we’re gonna have some of those coming up here soon and come Christmas time but if someone decides to come onto my porch and grab my Amazon package like I’m.

Gonna see their face and I’m gonna have a recording of it a video I could even talk to him if I wanted to so.

That was a really cool feature they threw in some really cool discounts which is something I’ll tell you a little bit more about but uh the one thing I also liked it was the automatic door lock it’s tied into the system from my phone I can unlock my front door I could be anywhere in the world as long as I have internet.

I’ve done that before when I have a friend come by and they’re gonna check on my dogs or something I could literally just unlock it let them in I’ve got cameras so I make sure you know they’re not doing anything funny but these are their friends but um yeah we can I can give a friend a code that’s temporary for a while it’s just really crazy what life is like when your heart or your home becomes.

A smart home you totally have a different perspective I mean there goes so much further than just protecting your family but there’s a lot of other great benefits but the reason I mentioned that doorbell camera is that that seems to be the hottest thing that people really love about the vehm and smart home stuff on top of everything they have I personally do because that’s the number one place people come to your house is your front door so it’s actually a lot of value we’ve had somebody when we were out of town they came and.

Did the doorbell ditching and it was the neighbors boy and I had him on camera and I thought it was hilarious because when I was growing up you know we could get away with that anyway so yeah a little more about Vivid we kind of start looking at them side by side with other companies I do know they’re the number one largest smart home company in the country so they’re awesome they’re they.

Have about a couple million customers across North America they do gosh what is it I think that they they’ve been in business for.

About 11 years here if I have that correct I’m not don’t quote me on that as a customer I fell in love with them and so as an insurance broker I always had it in them in the back.

Of my mind for my business I was like I need to reach out to these guys I would like to offer this service to my clients because it makes so much sense the reason being is is you buy insurance to protect your assets right your home or whatever it is your car the insurance kicks in if you.

Have the loss the idea of this that’s even better is if you can prevent any of those losses then you don’t have to make the.

Claim I mean it’s sometimes yeah if you have insurance that’s great but let’s use an example let’s say a you know a pipe.

Burst in your wall or a toilet floods in you’re gone and your basements filling up with water and you could be gone I don’t know for the day it doesn’t take long for your house to fill up you might have insurance for that but coming home to that mess and dealing with it I guarantee you talk to anybody.

Who’s been through it it’s a nightmare I mean it depends on what you have in your basement it could be you know valuables that you really cherish and it’s like if that situation can be avoided which it can be or at least you can mitigate.

Against it that that brings a lot of value to the table and so that’s why I love the the idea of bringing that.

We actually were able to score a very awesome partnership with Vivint they don’t typically just hand these out because we also work with hundreds of agencies all over the country well through other broker programs that we allow them to access they were they gave us basically a partnership where we’re able to.

Offer this partnership to other insurance brokers or here’s the other thing it you don’t have to be an insurance broker if you’re looking for a side hustle and you want to make some extra money offering this awesome service to your client base really all that matters is that you know people who.

I think we all know people who own homes so you can make a financial money off that I have a friend who was just looking for a job didn’t have anything to do.

I said you know what I’ll get you hooked up on this and you can go start sharing it with your network so anybody can make money at this and we have a really nice eye of over-read program that we’ve negotiated you also get to give exclusive.

Discounts to any of your customer base that you would not get if let’s say you call them directly the Vivint smart home but yeah Vivint smart home is really awesome they have they have a whole variety of different products they.

Have flood sensors going back on that water claim if your water was leaking.

And you were out you we get a notification on your cell phone and it would tell you hey.

Right now so at least you have the chance to get back and deal with that before it gets you know too crazy one feature I really love is the automated thermostat that’s hooked into my smart system I can control it from my phone I can set schedules which I know a lot of thermostats do that but I tell you what we save a ton of might we save enough money on our heating and cooling to pay for the system alone which is awesome so.

We have indoor cameras they have something called @ vivint believe it’s the ping camera but I can actually I have this camera set up in my front room I can talk to people through it so even if I’m not at home you know I can actually we can communicate back and forth through this camera from my phone so I can not only monitor my house but I can talk to someone there and I set up all kinds of rules within a smart home like.

If it sees something move it’ll start recording and it keeps all that in.

The cloud so it’s just crazy there’s that the doorbell camera I talked about you can also hook up your lighting all your lighting in your house can be automated.

From your system so you could control it you can automate it you can do your garage door there there there’s the other pieces that are I think people take that they’re not they don’t think.

About as much is the obviously the smoke sensor but the the carbon monoxide they’ve had situations where they’ve saved people’s life literally almost days after they’ve installed this system a lot.

Of people will have their traditional carbon monoxide sensors in their house and we assume that they work we don’t know but generally speaking they’re not foolproof the systems they have are tied into your security system so they have.

24/7 monitoring so if the carbon monoxide levels go up it’s not like you get a beat going off they actually contact you they it’ll go off on your Skye panel and they’ll say hey look we’re getting high carbon monoxide readings you know what’s going on there.

Basically and so they had a situation with a family.

That had it installed in three days later they were.

In the middle of the night thing went off there there the person the monitor gets on there and they start talking to them they said hey look we’re getting higher readings so they got the fire department over the fire department came in the house and told them that we need to evacuate him you immediately they said if you would if you would have not left the.

House that night they wouldn’t have woken up their whole entire family it’s all about protecting what you love that’s really what it comes down to your house your family the values there I mean a lot.

Of people I’ve talked to people about security to theirs.

Break-ins and things like that if you actually read what goes on out there crazy things happen and you know we all think we’re the exception but you never know and the idea is you know you want to plan ahead as.

Far as like monitoring goes when you look at the competition there’s a lot of other security systems out there number one key is the monitoring they have 24/7 monitoring and it’s not third party it’s exclusive and within so their response times are less than a minute they’re actually within the.

Seconds I believe eight to ten seconds most companies are upwards than over a.

Minute if someone broke into your house we need to be talking right away like seconds matter you know what I mean I was kind of freaking out one night because our system wasn’t working and I I.

Went I called in and I got someone we got it resolved literally like 1:00 a. in the morning so how it here’s the.

To be able to offer this or if you’re interested as a customer obviously it yep insurance you can come we have exclusive deals you can come if you’re just looking to buy it.