[2018] How To Change Your Mouse Cursor In Windows

Alright guys welcome to the video in this video I’m gonna be showing you guys how to get your own custom max pointers for Windows 10 you see I just got the 4 in default one here that’s quite simple to do what you’re going to do is open up your internet so I’m just going to open up Microsoft edge.

Here and just go to google and type in mouse pointer if you scroll down one of the first websites here is RW designer this is basically just a big list of loads of most cases just open that up.

And if there’s something specific you have in mind that you want you can use it the search bar here and search you don’t but how it’s gonna pick one of these for now I’ll go with stellaris kisses once you find one you want just click on it and then if you scroll down you’ve got a.

List of all the different ones here so you’ve got just the normal mouse pointer you’ve got one for when it’s loading all sorts of the stuff like that for now I’m just gonna click the basic mouse pointer and open it press the download folder I’m gonna save.

As save it to my downloads folder that’s gonna save it as a mouse pointer okay and that’s basically it you can download all of the ones as a batch all of these at once if you press the first download file here you can see it says download still Ariston zip if you do that you’re gonna need something that can open zip files so after download winrar but I prefer just to do it one at.

A time anyway once you’ve got the ones you wanted you can just close down your Firefox or Microsoft edge whatever you’ve got now we’re just gonna go to the search bar at the bottom open it up and there’s type in settings I’m gonna open that and we come to.

The window settings never gonna go to devices mase and on the right here additional makes options this is opened another window that says most properties I.
Only go to pointers now this has a list of all the pointers that have.

Been selected you can see most of these you’ve probably don’t even recognize because they never show up so for now we’re gonna be going on normal select and then we’re gonna press browse and then we’re going to find where we downloaded mouse pointer so obviously mine was in the downloads folder you can see it there makes pointer dot see you are just click it press open you can see now is replaced the normal default windows pointer in the list and we can press.

Apply and there you go I now have a different mouse pointer you can see it’s the one I downloaded that’s okay you can call it there up and.

Down and that’s basically it it’s done you’ve changed your mouse pointer it’s gonna stay the same as that you can download others as well as so for example if you if you hover over like.

Task bar you can see I have this arrow here if you want to change that you can just download a different arrow if you want to change your Loudoun symbol you can download a different load and simple it’s all do in the same way so I hope you guys find this tutorial helpful I know a lot of you requested this in the past but uh it took me a while to get right into it I.
Hope you guys enjoyed this video I’ll see you guys next time..