Hand-line Fishing In The Amazon!!! (catch And Cook!)

Whoa what’s going on flare fishing fam we are in yeah we are in a Manaus Brazil look at this absolutely incredible view we have in this hotel we’re in Manaus the whole idea behind this trip is to go catch giant peacock bass hopefully break the world record not setting my expectations too high but it is is possible but.

We are out here with John John the man he’s here we also here with the water guys you know the d almighty the jiggin with jordan the.

Yeah pete want wan those guys are here as well as winston and his son from favorite fishing so we’re gonna run down to breakfast to see if anyone else is down there you munching on some food we haven’t had.

Any food in a while but as you saw yesterday was just an entire travel day we took us he was 15 hours to get here from the time we left Nebraska coming.
Out here was fifteen hours and then today we.

Are taking boat no we’re taking another plane to the middle of the rainforest then getting on a boat and then hopefully doing some fishing stay tuned we are about to get on the water planes you guys didn’t know stash season boys gotta got a rep the stash you guys like it let me know if.

You don’t well I’m still I’m still gonna be rocky but we’re getting on the water planes you guys want a water pool that’s.

Print off the actual word form but planes that can land on the water absolutely incredible so these float the plane then we’re going to go on the plane all right push us oh my goodness look at this we are in the middle of the rainforest right now this is absolutely incredible.

We are we got to head over to the houseboat unload all of our stuff there’s a boat come to pick us up right now but this is I can’t believe this right now this is an absolute dream come true we headed.

To the top or what this this is what we’re after right there that’s that’s the goal look at this.

Look at all these faiths this is like heaven absolutely heaven look at this view just it just goes and goes and goes you don’t even need a.

Drone you just get up here what all this these are all the boats we’re gonna take all of these all these little boats are coming with us as we float down the Amazon River chasing peacock bass for an entire week I believe.

Going 300 miles we’re gonna float 300 miles to total it’s gonna be absolutely incredible I am just I’m just in awe this is this is some I won’t experience my entire life never thought I’d get the chance to and it’s actually happening pretty incredible big ships and.

Their small ship this fast ships and their slow ships but there’s nothing like a French what do you think Saint Nebraska anymore this is home.

Tonight right for tonight look at this this is where we’re parking the houseboat absolutely gorgeous we literally pulled up on a random beach.

In the middle of the Amazon freaking River but tonight before we eat food or maybe after we food I’m not sure we’re gonna try to catch some.

Piranhas because I apparently there’s piranhas around here we’re gonna try you some hand lights and.

Prawns I don’t know we’re gonna do something but it’s just crazy absolutely gorgeous peaceful all this stuff before I forget you you guys are home watching this can do exactly what I’m doing right now.