Kiernan Shipka On How Sabrina Spellman Is A Role Model For Girls | Celeb Secrets Interview

Hey guys I’m cured and chipton you’re watching celeb secrets TV so as we cut scene from the trailer it’s a little bit darker than the original adoption what are some main differences from this one in the 90s I’d say there’s a considerably more mo of blood and demons and deaths I would say that’s that those are some some.
Pillars that really really hold our.

Show up in a lot of ways and I grew up with.

The show so sobrino for me with like a powerful role model would you say that this Sabrina is as well absolutely I mean I always kind of you know hesitate to use the word role model about a 16 year old girl who’s still very much so learning things.

About herself and making mistakes and all that kind of stuff but.

At the end of the day I do think she’s really inspiring and I’m really happy that young impressionable you are going to be watching the show and taking things from Sabrina because she’s a good person and some adoptions have some Easter eggs hidden in them would you say.

That there’s any Easter eggs or behind-the-scenes secret so many Easter eggs we’ve talked about it before but there’s a.
There’s an episode and when I.

Say the line do you have any soup it probably took about 30 minutes to say that with a straight face for a ton of different reasons we were just being super stupid but if you look at it.

You can kind of see us all holding it so laughter it’s pretty funny and lastly what are you excited for fans to see I’m excited for them to see the rest of the cast really just like be in action and do the amazing.
Job that they do everyone kills it..