Reborn Toddler Big Haul

This is me today I have a house you guys so I have my shop it’s a Walmart the other day so today I’m finally getting a chance you know to make the video yeah I was shopping when this was Monday and today is Thursday so I’m trying to meet you know video but Josh you look so cute today.

Yeah so this is baby Kumari yeah this is I mean a baby come re this is Tyler come on up she is so cute I just love her so much look at it.

Look how cute she is yeah she is hope all right.

So this harm mostly majority I’m saying majority of the stuff is for her so we wanna call this a Tyler reborn huh or whatever cuz like 94 95 percent other.

Stuff is for her I guess you wanna say maybe eighty percent but yo let’s get into the video you guys so I got.

All these bags under your eyes I got like begs and begs me okay guys before I start this hobby oh um I want to carve a pumpkin with.

Her so I did bought a pumpkin and I bought this flash pumping like I don’t already get embarrassed now my other side about some bands I might put bears in there but y’all just gonna be my first time ever in my life like carving a pumpkin yeah this is like the kid you can buy this in a Walmart and stuff like that but yeah so I want to make.

That yeah so what could I get time to make the video cuz I’ll but the pumpkin and I.

Bought all that stuff so hopefully alright so we’re gonna start out with weight let’s start off it does this is first see you guys what I bought her was school sippy.

Cups because she got sippy cup.

So I bought her the pink one in the purple one y’all and this is by moistur Kim yeah just much again that’s.

All stopped up I sound very like congested or whatever you guys wanna call it but I bought her twenties very cute yeah so sippy cups okay and I bought her.

Nice these fools whoa yeah I’m tripping I’ve already you know blue six the line cuz y’all get angry with the light keep lighting.

Up but I bought her tea spoons.

And forks and these in this bowl y’all it is like so cute you guys could see 4 spoons of course for Fox I’m gonna have forks made from recycled milk jugs that’s cool recycle milk just curious decision so y’all had to pick up.

Some food for her Oh actually found a lot of Chinese to see Heidi this so I picked up some food for some routine videos you guys.

Yeah I just picked up this one you guys can see picked up this one just one well I’m not reading the mega cheese the pestle shells and cheese.

And uh chicken and Parmesan cheese ravioli or whatever you guys know she’s been on her pacifier stop picked up those real quick cuz I have a boy before in all the time so I thought I would just pick up son y’all don’t fit me.

For a waist or whatever y’all I’m just happy for oh whatever okay so I picked up her also some diapers I.

Bought her size by my parents oh sure I definitely need some diapers because I have.

No diapers young then I have no diapers that Ola all right I think that’s some diapers for the other babies y’all just the kids we run out because we’re about to start on routine videos again so you definitely needed some more diapers it’s okay also I picked up some wipes the fragrance free baby right most of it.