Fall Essential You Must Have I Vacation Haul I Modest Clothing Haul

Hi it’s Emily and welcome to my youtube channel if you’re new here make sure you hit that subscribe button down below I upload new videos every Tuesday and Friday and if you liked this video chances are you’ll probably like the rest of the videos that I have I just got back from Pigeon Forge Tennessee on a vacation with.

My family and I thought I would do a mini haul of the stuff that I got while I was there I picked up some really cute.

Things so let’s get into the video ok so the first thing I want to show you if you are ever down in Pigeon Forge there is.

A store called New York New York clothing company it is right across the street from Cheddar’s and me and my mom go there every year and we always find something they have a lot of skirts there and they have a lot of dressy clothes and they have cute stuff and I think the prices are pretty good so I found this skirt.

While I was there and I just thought this would be oh that’s the back here’s the front so I thought this would be cute for wintertime it’s like the velvet material and then as you can tell the flowers are like.

This shiny metallic foil and I just thought this is really cute I think it was like 25 dollars so I thought that was a great deal and I think I’m gonna be able to dress this up for winter so if you’re in Pigeon Forge make sure you go to that store because you’ll probably find something they had a lot of jean skirts and they had.

A lot of other skirts and I found this okay so the next day I went to the Tanger Outlets down there and I found a lot of really cute stuff so I’m going to show you what I got it locked I just love this shirt and if I can’t the.

New York New York I don’t think they have a website other places that I went I will find these items on their website if possible and I will link them down below so that you can find.

Adorable shirt from loft and it was 50% off and then I had keep on for an additional 25% and I just thought this was so cute and I knew I could.

I wanted to I just I think it’s really cute I love polka dotted shirts and I love gray so I found this and I was like I don’t know what I’m gonna wear it.

I’m gonna go ahead and get it cuz it’s great why would I not be able to find something to go with it then I went to Banana Republic and I found this skirt on clearance so I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it online because sometimes it’s hard to find clearance items online but I found this girl on clearance you guys I’ve been in.

A republic and it was so cheap and so it’s this long pleated I know you all have seen these skirts.

So I have a really hard time cuz I’m so sure I can’t usually wear these skirts but this one will fit me I tried it on and if I wear heels I am I’m tall enough I can wear it so I was so excited and I was like this will go perfect together this will be so cute together so I was really excited to find this skirt.
Especially after finding this shirt because I.

Hate just buying one piece items I like buying outfits so I was really excited to find both of those pieces okay I know y’all seen the title of this video and I know this looks kind.