Car Musings On: Why We Act, The Creative Process And Sacrificing Sleep…

Good morning good old Friday it’s here again oh and I reversing it up I am cream-crackered I’m really really tired very sorry because it seems the valve life I’ve just been sleeping working and rehearsing and who decided where to get back from missiles I’m a bit buzzed in and it’s my hyper and I can’t go sleep straightaway so.

Me alarm for about seven or seven and seventy some random number I don’t like rounded numbers and I didn’t get sleep is you’ve.

Gone to very tired I know I’m bring it on myself I want to do these things I get enjoyment from them so you’re gonna make some sacrifices and if that is so good he’s only temporary that’s my cue talent it’s only temporary.

But it’s opening night tonight that’s a very exciting is used.

Sudden but also it seems to have been like it’s been my life for so long so interesting interesting and I was talking about it last night actually the.

Creative process when it comes to acting in a play is it’s quite an interesting one you start off with you read through the.

Plays even cast and you think California is if it’s a comedy and it’s supposed to be funny obviously you you think oh yeah this will be a good place you this should be fun this is really funny it’s got some really good lines in it it’s really good party should be really fun.

To do really good and house on it all that line that line will never get old a couple of months later that line probably has gold saying that that is slightly unfair.

Because there are so many bits in this play that proper crease.

Meal that really make me laugh but I think a.

Lot of that’s to do with the fact that they’re.

Acted so well by by my peers some of the things that some of the characters come out with than the delivery and everything just still makes me laugh every single time hearing the weird thing is though when you first start rehearsing this wonderful fully black the directors laugh at the funny bits and people it’s gonna be great everyone laughs everyone finds.

It amusing it’s so fun then it’s all I love in this place game really well everything’s game well and then you’ll have one bad rehearsal well before the bad rehearsal there’s.

Normally a mass realization that actually we’ve been deluded we thought we were doing really well but now there’s only like a couple of weeks to go and we still haven’t gotten likes to know what’s happening with the crown and the throne and the lights of all of a sudden guns apartment all of a sudden he’s gonna be upon us and we’re gonna be disgraceful and no one’s gonna want us on stage again and he is.

Horrible and you get this hurtful thing and it’s usually followed by real harsh critique from the director.

In the props and all this and.

You just leave see think the going home I wanna hit the bottle this is just so traumatic then you get a couple of good free asses and about hopefully like we got we had a really good dress rehearsal last night but you always were easily I’d rather get the bad persons out you know.

The by the way in the dress rehearsal but I had to take problems and I admit about this recognizes a bit of pause so I think for me it was always rehearsal last night so I painted that’s fine I’m not jinxed it’s okay and everyone.

Is the superstitious oh they’ll be fine right that last night halftime I think.

We’re having a half-time tea and some biscuits they’ve been in the cooler – you’re entirely right and anyway I was talking to do lovely.

Becky’s of the play and I said he gets to that point.

Where he just wanted to be over and she said that she’d spoke to the directors and why do we do this and he’d said the director’s name I mean he’d said you know why you do it one Thursday night and that’s true is.

True you get all excited when you start off that she said it’s like having a.

Baby alright you get all excited when you first start then you end up with your health suffers then you enter it by the end you just like I just want to over with now but this isn’t fun anymore I can’t sleep I’m.

Massive I just want it gone I just want the whole thing cough but then when it’s kind of born it’s hard work but then this this lovely it said when he starts crying and stuff with that that doesn’t help the analogy so we’re not gonna talk about that and we’re not going to talk about the 18 years of hell that follow never nothing to talk about that we’re gonna talk about the creative process in this kind of context as blood sweat tears and creating something great in a baby.

On stage in front of lots of people why do we.

Do this why do we do this one anyway tonight really super looking forward to having an audience because I forgot which bits of funny obviously really for me so and the audience off to disagree with what’s funny funny oh oh that’s great that’s great see if to learn meant to kind of Portsmouth comedic effect and then every performer every focuses still every herself issues you just kind of picking stuff up from the audience or works what doesn’t work giving he kind of.

Tweak in character and I was gonna play it completed thinking why for the first one with I thought my character was really nice she lived in a fair and stuff.

But I thought I was very sympathetic character and when we before the first.

Night she got Bude really boot that’s all my god well her mentor she didn’t said that I figured that’s Walden that’s what we’re gonna take from it fair.

Enough so I kind of stayed up to that I kind of became a bit more jaded in my play.

Mother just thought well people don’t like her so she don’t really care okay the character changed and evolved that’s good my character doesn’t get booed then this one though because she’s she’s so misunderstood it’s Lauren bless her but tonight she won’t be born so excited intent Philippi thought they told it’s a book rocks.

Stronger language I’m quite irritable today thank you woe betide anyone that crosses me today.

I’ve already can passively aggressively go ahead at the really bit that’s still there on Thursday that someone doesn’t take it back yes number four I’m talking about you once you’ve been still doing out its mocking me mocking me on my way to the car I’m not actually normally.

That fast but yeah it’s fine a proper exit and.

Put the pin away got to go home get changed and then go turn to the main hall and do rehearse which and last night and guinea pig my guinea pig got dumped on him and that’s why I noticed a groan and he didn’t like me touching him and I thought oh so I messaged the bed last night to see if they fit him in not got back but this morning that he would pop a chipper again.

And didn’t mind me touching it and it was really excited about breakfast so hopefully I’ll be able to wait until Saturday because I’m not I’m not gonna be able to take into this makes me feel really bad his time into a fish but anyway I’m going to go state 54 and this is reminding me that I’m not playing blitzball right now I’m actually going to work but I hope you all have a splendid day and I will see you when it’s.

Halfway through the play run on Monday for an update on how it’s hot out it’s working out and hopefully if I’m more sleep and enjoy your extra hour this weekend whoo whoo spring forward fall back and all that anyway it’s easy bye.