Arab Girl Discussing White Beauty Standards & Graduating College.

Hey you guys and welcome back to my channel if any of you guys are new here my name is Emily Ann and in today’s video I’m super excited because I am going to be doing a Q&A so I like to do these videos at least every month and I always post about them on my Instagram stories so if.

Go follow me on Instagram I will have my app name right here as well as linked in the description down below so in today’s video I am just.

Gonna be answering all the questions that you guys want to know about me I love when people ask me questions I love answering them I think it’s an exciting way for you guys to kind of get to know me a little bit more so I have a ton of responses a lot of questions that you guys have asked me and like always don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button down below because it is grind season you.

Guys I am back I am ready I am ready to have some fun let’s go so this first question comes from Maha Khan and she asks how do you study for tests or exam like using flashcards as an example so to answer your question I don’t study I I don’t study I either just go in the test knowing.

I’m gonna ace it or I wing it there’s no in-between it’s either you know I get an A a good.

B or I gonna have like there’s there’s really a no in between I don’t think this is the best advice I could give you but it’s not my forte anymore I’ve given up on studying so that’s my advice to you this next question comes from SVT Prato okay and she asks when do you graduate and what’s your major I don’t know if I.

This really in detail this is my last semester of college I technically only have three more months as a student and I’m done earlier today I actually registered for my very last ever class I’m gonna be taking a business class and then January from like June until I moved to the city out in June I’m gonna be just working remotely with a fashion company in the city so you know.

Big girl time it’s ready to get my big panties on you guys like it’s its grind time it’s moneymaker time you know I mean.

So yeah in June I’ll be in my San Francisco apartment it’s so crazy so that’s that’s the new updated T.

Of me thank you for asking that I graduate very soon so this next question comes from Sophia and Rose and she asks Emily how did you know that you wanted to start a YouTube channel so to answer your question I really didn’t.

Like my calling or anything you know I was 15 years old and I posted a little fashion a tight picture of my Instagram and this random girl was like you need to start a YouTube channel and I was like you don’t want it it’s a good idea but I just uploaded my first video a few days after and then BOOM look where we are now so that’s the story I mean I always knew I was great at like.

Talking in front of a camera and just like being awesome and like being a cool entertainer so that’s just.

Like how I knew and I loved it so this next question comes from Malak Zarate and they asked how do you keep your hair so healthy PS I love you so much I love you so much too like seriously I love you guys so much and how do I keep my hair healthy as you could tell my hair is literally this long okay it’s it’s long you know last year at this time my.

Hair was maybe up to here and I was like my goal is to be Kim K 2007 and I think I have decently reached that goal of mine but now it’s just time to.

Chop it I’m gonna be chopping it in November but to answer your question how do I keep my hair so healthy you know I am.

A Palestinian girl so I was just it’s in the genes you know I’m saying well honestly I don’t have an answer for you I used the Pantene family pack of shampoo and conditioner that my dad buys from Costco that’s pretty much all I do so there you have it this next question comes from a do me 93 and they asked how did you get through bullies so if you guys don’t.

Know about this I don’t know if I’ve really been open about.

This on my youtube channel but I was like very much bullied growing up.

And even to this day like as long as I can remember I have just always been bullied I don’t know if you guys have heard of tarte cosmetics but they’re a makeup company.

That sold its Sephora and Ulta and I actually did a campaign video with them like a year or two ago and it was all about bullying so I feel like I’ve we touched on this kind of in the past I had to do a lot with like comparing my you know ethnicity to you know white people at my school because my.

School was predominantly Caucasian I had struggles growing up with like white beauty and thinking that I had to you know have that in order to be beautiful or be accepted by society that’s what I love what I do today you know representing the Arab community because growing up I never.

Had someone that I could look up to in that way so the fact that I can be that person for a lot of you guys just makes me so happy so how I basically overcame the bullies I.

Literally just put up with it until I ended up going to an all-girls Catholic High School I never dealt too.

Much with bullying there but when I was in a public school I was bullied a lot and even just to this day I am but it’s mostly done.

But how do you get through it honestly I wish I had an answer for you I literally just put up with it um.

Even to this day I just put up with it I wish I could say I have a thick skin but I don’t honestly just don’t let them get the.

Best of you don’t let them see that it affects you at the end of the day if you show them that.

What they’re doing to you affects you they won and you don’t want that at all so I wish I had a solid piece of advice for you.

But because I’ve struggled with that growing up I don’t really feel like I can speak on that just yet but yeah you know what we’re all gonna be bullied at some point maybe not all of us at most of us and it sucks but you know you get through it so yeah this next question comes from I fxt teen.

And she asks how do you like to drink your coffee when it’s winter time do you still drink it cold or hot I love you I love.

You too you literally show me so much support on my Instagram but basically that’s funny you asked me that question because I have literally struggled.

With that for know recently like in the past few weeks I was like I wake up and I’m like like I’m cold like do I want something high or.

Do I want something cold so for literally months you guys know I’ve been obsessed with my iced lattes that.

I’ve been making I have a whole video about it if you guys wanna go check it out I’ll link it down below you know those are cool drinks freeze.

That they make me shiver but you know drink them anyways so now I have transitioned into something a little bit more mature um.

Hot chocolate okay hot chocolate I’ll get the little instant Swiss Miss packages and I’ll just instantly make some hot chocolate keeps me warm keeps me hydrated it’s probably not the healthiest but you know it’s a nice comfort drink but if you guys have some easy like coffee recipes please let me know because I want to like get into my coffees cuz I love hot coffee I just don’t know.

How to like make it this next question comes from Stephanie XK and they asked what’s your advice for someone.

Who is in their last year of high school I love you I love you too and looking back at my last year of high school I had like a really good group of guys and girls I had not.

A single crush on anyone I didn’t date anyone I never had a boyfriend in high school I did my own thing like literally my high school girls were my homegirls they.

Were literally my life we did everything together so you know don’t involve yourself in drama just have fun with girls have fun.

With the boys whoever you like to have fun with I never involved myself and you know partying and drinking in high school it’s just it wasn’t my thing.

And you know I had a great high school experience so I totally recommend that for you this next question comes from I love sheikah and they said what’s your favorite part of being Palestinian the food the food is.

Great I also I think one of my top favorite things is also the community that comes with it like.

In your area and like all the other different Palestinians that I meet and like hang out with because like I have a lot of Palestinian friends now and they’re literally my best friends so basically the best part for me about being Palestinian is like the community that comes with it I love it this next question comes from Linda Saffy oh three and they asked advice on dealing with fake.

Friends and makeup tips so advice with dealing with fake friends cut them off literally if you have if you’re associating yourself with a fake friend first of all they’re not your friend and second of all they’re wasting your.

Time so cut them off like I am NOT toria’s for kicking people out of my life like if I just don’t you don’t want to associate myself with you I will cut you off I know it’s like kind of scary and it’s like it that’s like a big move you know but like you just you got to do it for your own sanity your own well-being cut them off as for makeup tips less is.

More as you guys know from all like makeup videos that I have I don’t wear too much makeup you know.

Just like I think to focus on like foundation maybe a little bit of bronzer bring in some color but for the most part I’m always like a less-is-more kind of gal I don’t really wear like eye shadow and like you know crazy whatever so it’s my tip.