Deon's Mall Diary: Buying An Xxxxxl T-shirt To Design Fairy Tail? (#saynotobullying)

And so many shirts the finding is he can actually get up to like a triple large I’m just gonna get one shirt because you know I love long shirts and plus I might design something later on you know because you know I always want to make like little guys seem like creative shirt I’m not sure my husband you.

Been making like a lot less t-shirt that’s for the fun of it but oh take a little work if I had to try to because you know I need to use like a sharpie and thick pants so for anyone that’s been at least active in my channel definitely appreciate um what’s his name keV I think pronounce this name right.

For actually commenting on that right I did about you know the you know children’s safety since well since I have actually had experience.

Of only one that actually faced that and I’ve replayed back to them once again it’s been a.

Stressful day or afternoon because of my own you know the incident my live streams on how to keep watching so many stupid fake users that keep making like BOTS on my YouTube page and unfortunately I want sit able to actually do a reaction or upload it a fairy tale because TV Tokyo actually blocked it.

So I can do the fairy tale reviews when I actually watch them on Netflix and I think indeed I think I have to do some other anime like fully coolie or cow baby pop maybe Inuyasha because I grew up without show when I was a kid exactly needs to around don’t swim you know like when we had the old version or the o’odham you know style of Toonami and I’m just looking on.

To actually look look up some clothes so I definitely I’d appreciate station freshly rich in touch me on kik because he actually felt left out because you know he’s you know he gets put down because he’s like too girly or that you know people don’t like to be around him or wherever it is and I really hope that he actually gets a pretty nice let alone me of.

Course because he should go do with that and I just say that screw labels okay why have gender roles won’t have enemy roles yeah that’s not weird ha like for.

Me I kind of like beach and to be one of enemy characters like.

I might act like Jude because okay her name is Julia the one that likes grey if any of you do watch Fairy Tail I definitely plus two plus three is pretty hot because of.

The six-pack and his hair and his voice I’m just being honest and I can actually to her Chrissy and I shucks you bunch of depression how people didn’t want to be around her because she is.

Gloomy and you know what the ability that she has it’s like my hero academia how basically easy ku actually gets rejected because he doesn’t have a quirk and how everyone else you know can be superhero easily and that’s because he doesn’t have quirks to be born with doesn’t mean that he can’t become one I love my her good day Mia you know I’ve been watching it because well I got a up late to watch.

And I’m also trying to catch up by watching Bartow and I to mention um I’ve been trying to watch talk about super when goku actually has to battle the wolf guys and then just new guy he’s supposed to like one of the strongest you know fighters throughout the the holes.