Prank Call Charter Spectrum Prank Call

Okay my husband’s calling charter back yes now Wars whatever I put in it and stuff me but they run our wars and no oh people who get me recall and a widow when they say it’s time they give me internet bigger than a wall um just a single book but yo brought some stuff up here but dead wrong.

Boy so I can’t get my TV and then y’all say I’m a female saying Oh y’all delaying my equipment.

Yes I said the wars wires wires walls where you go yeah one of the cable water is shooting far over there and miss Vegas nursing pharmacy is far did no slave look that cable box they’ve got a kpop but they’re minor D so I thought it came to Warwick to.

In the wall up to it next I see sparks over that’s what’s on the rug in the wall to the input or something like that Caleb all-kill.

Boss they run the water in this goody thing said screw this to whatever input they come in they can say that way but I thought it electricity so I hope a war around the ground you know screws and pour in water the minnow Saudi.

Protein the wall he’s Joshi is box okay okay no bro okay I tell my shadow of a scooter so Disney wall this is say more bus y’all rollin of war mile brought me a cable box a new cable box they worked you won t do you want every neighborhood and they ran the water in but they did screw it in the back of my TV they said hook it to power and it ago so I wrapped one war around the grain and I saw her.

Warm water to the middle and plugged in the wall and it was shooting sparks yes yes and now they got New Genesis oh it’s not could a says though it’s but because my TV always so often said no connected yes the water they running they didn’t saw her to the ground or the negative or the positive so I’ve done him plugged in the wolf the war they don’t Nick yeah or a shot sparks burn something look so I know the wall and then it’s good to the.

Back of my box in my modem and everything yes yes okay what’s it going book do about this Oh black circle muffle right I was a TV repair person for 15 years but there’s no need tell me hope that water to do plug it up mister so I plugged it.

What he said and and she’s fuckin bird little circle muffled so I think somebody it went wrong I think uncle Jonah you know the brand of fame then doctored my floor soon no.

I’m just saying funny okay it was a man a long way down long and short song usin teach you and also he went to month tall it and you in it fuzzy toy it it was a like a big barrel snake in there are you kidding.

Me oh wait say you come history demo you cut me start to a room did you call me a story tell him one no way Eddie the better you got a baby I don’t know the one hand they want to tell me but a snake maybe simplices well I’ll tell you what these keys just sin I’m just a receiver can you send it to pop back up here one.

More thing and let me have a talk I mean tall man with short handsome now then Ivan you said you know I don’t float deterred and I take a picture of it or anything hard it’s crazy but I can talk city and.

See if I can find it and you know if y’all need a picture now maybe we’ll look like guys like like a brain like it like.

A real snake it is yeah it’s a bird’s ball it’s not bad buddy they took a dump in the right place toilet me but he ain’t pushing on we gotta change in our now pay for good service.

Ain’t good you know Gulliver I’m not forsake you I’m telling you appreciate it you know I wouldn’t come in your hands and pages for at all and I want to say sorry sir this is not fun right well you don’t ten-minute put power to because I put fire to burn your playing now you got no TV in it why I fire my dear.
But my printer burn everything you done done thinking all my stuff back..