Top 5 Best Pc To Own In 2018! Must See Before Purchasing Any New Desktop For This Year!!*

Hey youtubers today I want to share with you all the best computer of 2018 if you don’t have a computer you should check deep these out as an affiliate with I have also provided promotional links in the Bible below for these computer for yah who are interested in having one of the best computers on the market as.

You know and I have checked many websites and you know to see which computer has like the best original CPU graphic rams storage for modification and these are the ones.

I feel are a great investment into purchasing the computer I actually own one of these computers that I’m gonna show to you guys today starting in a category is the Dell XPS Tiger special edition which is considered to be a cheap capable gaming PC this Dell computer has an Intel Core i7 processor AMD Radeon rx 580 16 gigabytes of RAM 256 gigabytes of storage and is a Windows 10 home 64-bit computer although this design of the XPS Tower isn’t as aesthetically.

Appealing as other desktops the real deal comes from the inside of the computer as mentioned before the specs of this computer can be close to other gaming computers but it’s less expensive but the down part is that because of all the specs in the computer it is hard to manually just rebuild the computer so this.

Computer is kind of like or this tech desktop is basically what you buy is what you get so I think that this computer would be like a great browsing computer for home usage and just for casually gaming for a few hours here and there the next one I want to talk about is the Microsoft Surface Studio as this is one of the most.

Glamorous PC you can buy on the market as right now the Microsoft Surface Studio has CTU Intel Core i7 processor graphics GeForce GTX and a ram of 32 gigabytes and also storage of 64.

Gigabytes the Microsoft Surface studio is also a great desktop core for being a professional.

User based computer desktop as a touchscreen desktop helps maximize its usage the desktop is not recommended for the average desktop user because it is pretty expensive and can be.

Too much for certain people.

That is why it is succeeded by a professional class computer for many artists illustrators and graphic.

Design professionals the next desktop I’d like to talk about is the Alienware where Aurora r7 because it isn’t just a great gaming PC but it’s one of the best PCs you can buy today not only does the future fantastic performance what fits great into a core processor the Aurora 7 is a great desktop for any gamer and out there the.

Alien Aurora r7 features an Intel Core i7 central processing unit a graphic card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX and a ram of 30 32 gigabytes and storage of 512 gigabytes therefore for gamers this is one of the best.

Desktop to purchase as its power of functionality and expandability are some of the best on the market the desktop can also be customized to your own gaming.

Needs as it is easy to add and remove components in the desktop ms:i tried in three is basically similar to the Alienware that was talked about previously where it’s basically a slim line Council sized mini PC that you can bet you can put in your living room it contains an Intel Core i5 computer processing unit a graphic.