You Scared Cause Im Not/outlast Finale.5.5 Plus Whistle Blower Part 1

If I die I don’t know what to do I might quit the game industry started before I get the insta-death because I think once I’m dead I’m dead and that’s it there’s no F there’s no respawn you know Yolo probably i’ma try not to die this time the word is try right cuz I again I got lost okay.

Let’s turn off the lights let’s go back yep I do he does it’s just got to get past the fucking wall right you have to play with.

Him they give him to go around and then you go through that door which I think I got where am i supposed to go that’s what came out of oh fuck me wait wait wait we got killed by him I nice and I pause and just quit real quickly because if I didn’t do that it’s gonna be freaking black screen again I don’t feel like doing we start another scream for the stupid black screen everyone please come back.

In I’m sorry it’s not my fault apparently if I die at that point there’s no coming back that’s that’s actually quite interesting and yet quite annoying to do that’s true share the games like you’re doing too good you’re gonna have to die now see he’s easier to stop he’s easy to run away from thank you you get that is true unless you’re trouble oh how do I.

Get around here go through the yellow things just just keep just keep running just to keep running don’t stop cuz he’ll catch you okay okay okay please please please please oh he’s right there shutting doors is not gonna.

Stop him where’d I do Oh scary two doors are you gonna open open please Jesus no I just don’t want to restart this alright go go go right jump over the.

Jump go right slight right right right right right dammit where the fuck you going that’s my left under there is you gotta run go that way am I going the right way I don’t even know anymore you guys are so behind it’s got.

A trophy uh oh okay I guess I gotta go upstairs now yes I don’t know where he’s at anymore I’m.

Just losing him am I supposed to go to one of these doors no where’s the ladder at.
Winded stairs alright there’s about turn the valve to.

The bed two bath the valve that one yeah yeah okay oh please do sometimes right there I don’t need them okay yes we come Jews turn around and go go go man.

Go I didn’t know at first okay I made it and then once you get out of there go straight across to the other side there’s another drawer set you’re supposed to go through okay okay I’m back at the place where wasn’t that weird thing am I supposed to be stairs these stairs yes oh my god let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s.

Go let’s go let’s go let’s go oh my god you could go through the rest are you open I do and I can feel my blood pumping right now what do you mean oh my god these stairs are looking.

Like they’re gonna take forever now listen I have a guy named Billy chasing after.

My but I’m gonna just stop the camera right now after he’s not playing me on camera whoo that jump I was not ready for that jump and I still did it how am i doing stuff where am I supposed to go imagine this way done what yes so that way you know.
If you you know that’s the only spot that.

Scares me when I do my insane no no seriously if I fuck up that jump you know I don’t make it across and I fall and I kill myself that’s from all the way at the beginning okay just this way stairs what yeah my first player so Billy’s not coming so I don’t need him right now he still chasing after.

Billy yes he is I don’t see him he dude he’s gonna he’s gonna he’s there just don’t stop I don’t we were way did Oh what oh no oh no am i dead am i dead.

Am i dead am i dead is this insta-death it was not I guess that was supposed to happen basically he’s fucking your world I mean listen I’ve been through freakin everything already so just run just run just run okay this point I don’t know we’ll see my suppose.

Closes pot or something it’s like a handprint right in front of the pot that’s not the person I did it I did Oh God oh Jesus Billy listen don’t be a hero man come back and go back and make your you know go get a wife.

My life is getting just wrecked and tossed around am I supposed to do something here or.

Just just what’s supposed to happen no watch you see something tried watch did you just see that yeah it’s very important could you really see.

That what the bodied I know what happened to.

Your character no I didn’t see what happened to my character I just saw him get freaking I don’t around like a.

Freaking dog don’t say a word the ending will explain okay tell me to get out I don’t know where that the echos at all right go up the stairs to your left oh did you got rekt.

So hard well isolate he protected his camera he grabbed him to actually does that mean does that mean my.

Character is dead you did it and I didn’t get scared once at all by his gameplay but I got scared from freaking Kyrie making a random noise out of nowhere that’s my life guys I’m Matt one sub away from game 170 yay but on our catch up sure you watch this make sure you watch this ending Oh well I died yep and you have become the host what do you want.

The do you remember what they call me right rub the completely Chris you want do you want me to explain the Lord yes okay so father Martin.

You were if you were the apostle right correct when Chris Walker found you when he threw you through that window he was trying to kill you Brian basically the whole point is this Chris was trying to find people who he thought would be hosts or the walrider he.

Was going around killing people to contain it if you listen to him he says why we have to contain him he was talking about the wall right here he didn’t.

Get out he had to containment ah Jabbar and father Martin wanted you to be the host for the wall right that’s why when he’s that’s why when to thank lifted you up it sucked its soul inside you when Billy was killed and you became the new host or the walrider I see so that’s why.

They killed you know they shot and killed him so it wouldn’t get out that’s not the wall writer the story they were trying to cover it all up that’s why.

He said by Jamil you have become the host and walrider killed all of them yeah he killed all of them but freaking guards and the do to the wheelchair that’s why he said by melee you have become the hose they didn’t expect him to become the host when he died what rider came out and that’s when all right I was killing me that’s why he said.

You have become the nicey-nice trust me listen to me I am a completionist I have to dig into the Lord.
I have to know the only or I can’t figure out is outlast you.

Fuck what I miss the ending the ending and Kristen go yes Oh God can I skip this house like I just want to see this at the end there’s nothing special at the end okay no there’s nothing special except for you going to whistleblower alright I might as well just change the stream but Tripp I’m gonna tell you something in whistleblower there will be certain points that I want you to pay attention to and whistleblower at.

The same time whistleblower is happening it’s the same time that outlast is happening really there’s key points in that game that and there is something you just had tension about the person you play as in whistleblower there’s.

A main reason for him that you need to pay it got it all right got it got it got it I.

See yeah I plan on normal I plan Roma – I’m I after recognize how these games are I don’t think I need a practice on how to play on hard denied married then I get I feel like I.

Take I can take on insane if you play nightmare mode nightmare mode will give you practice enough for insane because nightmare mode is insane mode but insane mode just doesn’t have the check points which is annoyance hell so they want you.

To beat this game all at once yep that’s why it’s called insane anybody who’s squeamish and doesn’t like certain things might want to turn away because this this dlc is is worse than the actual game nice chops are awesome now for Riku did you just lick me sir no oh God yeah kind of busy look at my flesh pervert this is why we can’t have my dick.

What we can’t have nice things they little oh can you do me a favor yeah can you try to edit all this together in a way like the whole entire yeah from this final part because I just hate how it kind of you know just I had to stop.

Randomly the three cuz this is basically the third one three yeah Rica story is way easier man it’s just it’s a joke to.

Play Rica story and retain compared to Soros how how would we help how would I give it to you oh if I’m correct you can um I dig it sent through email yep yeah you know me basically he’s a guy who works here no did you pay did you pay attention.
To that email yeah that’s the.

Him I got from the begin of the game wait guess who you got it from what do you call me Waylon Park whose women park somebody else but the guy that sent the email that’s who your plane is right the.

Guy who sent it whaling park so.

What am I gonna interfere with the same things I didn’t ask one or it might I’m gonna be playing something way different way I told you this one’s worse than the actual game that’s why I said.

You’re squeamish look away this one this one’s.

The actual gameplay shit boy who was in the stream still I would appreciate just make yourself known real quickly just give a little quick highs or something fuck me to bring.

Him you’re an effing 50 year fishing you’re going to rape me rape rape make yourself known everyone went silent right is it the Kingdom Hearts HD remixes our games is gonna new update well that sounds cool yeah that’s what I just saw cynical just posted it there’s possible patch.

Coming up real soon what’s the patch for I don’t know I didn’t watch the video yet my prize to me for the team arts two things I keep gonna wreck by there know what he does had a little grafting and throws me up in the air yeah it’s that’s that’s what it was looking like for it’s at one.

Point five two point five into point eight so I don’t know you see you know that guy that was just running up to.

The window and then said Eddie.

That Billy no that’s not Billy but that is somebody you’re very gonna you’re gonna know very well soon if it’s Christopher Walker I don’t know how that could be him so you gotta name from somewhere right I would like to punch that fucker smart enough to realize that the last thing a fly on to do in a spider’s web oh you prick that took me my whole entire savings and – stripper joints I had to do to get that computer to get through college to work for.

You guys and you guys just decide to drop it on the floor and break it I did not work and.

Show my ding-a-ling to all these ladies for nothing god.

Damn it – stripper drunks only Calico heard it well I got decklist nage and then he freakin pistol Italy then I get kick in the face whistle blower and so it begins oh this fucking game but yeah a little if you can compact these things that would be awesome if it’s possible senators I know I’ll try to send it to email but it.

Max on Yahoo way to do it drive or something I’ll try to find a way.

To send it to you but I can take your first stream so what do you want me to do take all parts of your outlast streams and put them all this one no just this specific sorry that we’ve.

Been doing like the times where I have to stop and redo all of them yeah yeah and if you want to make some funny edits you know that steps on me right there I’ll.

Let you decide what you want to do you know I’m giving you person.

Right now I’m saying you if you think it’s funny and it’s a good edit do it I’m not you see that yeah.

That’s but that’s what’s been happening to all the patients that’s what the patients see in their face all the time I effed up oh god where am I ours could have passed or we explained filled with static they made me watch the engine had to get help I.

Have to call for help Lisa I’m sorry if I die I know you’ll find me I know you won’t rest until you find.

Camera with my corpse I hope the evidence on it does what I couldn’t expose the truth Lisa baby I’m so sorry effed up I thought I was doing the right thing but I have too bad well you’re done goofed I’ll be honest with you Lisa apparently.

As a woman keys with but it’s not really explained so do you want to open the door you print okay can we nee be friends oh god that was too close you almost gave me a kiss listen I know I was single for a while but geez I don’t go that way only I can make a bad situation this funnier hey make sure you look for battery strap that’s what I’m doing this shit’s about.