The Christian Journey To Becoming Modest: Finding A Standard || I Will Study Series ||

What’s up everybody is Mallory from noisy for God and I am so excited to be here with you today for this week’s I will study a video today I want to talk about something that is always controversial but it’s very necessary to be talked about I feel like in this day and that is the topic of modesty what.

Is modesty well what are we supposed to be wearing what’s wrong what’s right I actually have gotten a lot of comments and some of y’all have sent me messages asking me what my views were on modesty or in.

Particular like what was earrings and all that kind of stuff so I thought I would go ahead and finally do this but I have to be honest with you when I saw the Royal Wedding is what really started making my wheels turn and want to do this topic the Royal Wedding that went down a few weeks ago was very interesting because everybody was dressed in.

Fascinators and suits and two pieces and completely covered as that was.

The dress code from where they were going and it was very beautiful a lot of attention from the press everybody was ranting and raving over their fashion sense and.

What they were wearing and I couldn’t help but think that it looks so much like the old church right I.

Almost kind of made me sad because I feel like today we don’t really see that in the church and I there’s a weird like slipping going on we’re like in the church you know we look a lot more like.

The world like what we’re wearing there’s not really any standards anymore you know you see even pastors today uh you know rocking the tattoos rocking you know the earrings rocking you know whatever whatever the same thing with the first ladies you know.

They’re like I mean wear no hat I went on dress iron doing that you know but then on the flip side you see like rappers and stuff started we’re like turtlenecks and blazers and women celebrities wearing like mini skirts mini dresses they’re wearing on these covered clothes and they’re covering up more and more and it’s like I like switching of places that’s going on so I began to just compile just a few points that I wanted.

Modesty and I really do think it’s something that we need to think about and make.

Sure that we’re not getting off course at the church or not even the church as a whole.

Because nobody can control the church as a whole we can only control ourselves so what does modesty look like for me what am i what am i looking like what am i what am i doing you know when.

I’m you’re dressed in the morning what’s going through my mind I want to talk a little bit about my process myself my personal process when I’m getting dressed and just you know put in some scripture and some context to the scripture so that we can get.

A better understanding of modesty.

In 2018 so yeah here we go so I would like to start with the definition of modesty what is modesty according to the dictionary it likes to use words like humble and.

Unpretentious to describe it and just not drawing attention to yourself in an indecent manner so that’s the word modesty but the first thing I want to point out is.

That modesty is a matter of the heart it is definitely um beyond just what you have on the outside -.