Beginnings Of Industry | Let's Play Rimworld Beta 19 – Part 08

Hello my name is O’Connor crows and welcome back to another episode of rim world beta 19 today we are continuing the workshop progress but we are also looking to get our walls replaced by entire stone walls to that end I have installed a new mod which is called the replace stuff so what does the what is there what.

This does is it allows us to replace the materials of something so let’s say I.
Want to make this butcher table it’s still budget.

Table well I can just click it and now there’s a blueprint to replace the wooden butcher table with a steel budget table we are of course not going to do that that was just for demonstration purposes so as we saw last time we are lacking in the food department which maybe means it’s a good.

Idea to expand our zones we’re just going to expand them by right they’re going to expand them by one remove these strawberries which.

We can’t even use quite yet I will remake that sundel because I do want to screwing strawberries at some point I’m just going to make it here like.

Five by three that works you have a fire for some reason but it looks like our people are working on.
It there we go ah because we have a suit event not.

Too bad because you don’t have much in our batteries so that worked out fine another that is another reason why we should really replace these walls it’s because the defense can easily destroy a a Putin base now.

For the growth I did get the reminder slash tip that we can always make flowerpots what should we use well what is kind of precious so we might want to use steel instead not only to beautify the place but also to make it so that our growers have extra growing work which is important that way their skills will be improving even when the crops themselves are not the best now Vienna still hasn’t been buried that we do have a grave so I’m going to ask.

3:1 yes apologies yeah let’s strip her first and then hole to a grave that should improve moods because no one is outside and unburied so that is fine doc poor Vienna what else well we have a caravan request.

Except depends on the distance yeah we we’re all the way down and no no no no I’m not risking my few pawns in.

The charity that long nope now all of these coats are attentive but well in case people get too cold they will do in a pinch so here we go people are getting progress I do want the don’t the campfire it’s like just wanna.
Do it a heater Oh weather here is that I’d have.

To get power down here but the campfire means I need to cut more well doesn’t matter that that that’s just for weight event for equalizing the temperature between two rooms without allowing people to walk between them and this is the same thing what’s the difference anyway I’m gonna use this one yeah I’ll just do the two because there’s no one in this room or in this room so that will help keep the temperature more equalized with.
The single campfire so that is good.

Other than that we do want to get some.

More wood chopped just a little bit more because that what they have here is not gonna last forever you know this one really.

Should be put inside before it gets ruined yeah we’re doing all right no what do you really need is more people unfortunately that Vienna dies because it could really use her around here because the death workshop really should get done however in the interest of expediting things going to make a wooden stone cutter table and I’m going to put it and if you’re.

Wondering why this is something it’s because I’ve replaced stuff it allows people to mine in your place but yes I’m going to put the table here yes bad temperature it doesn’t matter really because after we get the walls done we don’t really need and lot of things a lot of stone blocks done that’s what I meant okay so they’re getting to that which is great Kristen is.

Doing construction but because the mining is in the way she does the mining there that’s also another way in which that is very very useful we’re not doing great on food.

So let’s look of turkeys that we can kill and Papa that they can take great so we got cargo pots with uranium it’s not ideal and we have men hunting raccoons just.

The one I see no it doesn’t tell me which ones are man hunting which is a feature I love to have from the old animal tab.

Mode so let’s get our people in position Felix is unharmed let me see here Mellie but you’re not a well I really should have you as as a Mellie okay so.

Felix try one Preston day you though who’s my puppy on its kind of weights to the sides in person didn’t have a no shooting three one there we go alright go rest and do other stuff because other yeah.

Poor guy he got since you don’t have anyone there.

You might as well put that as a medical thing now Truman are you going to heal yourself or something.

Maybe tending to Felix okay but Felix is in no immediate danger and in fact should be trading with.

Taiwan so you will never do doctoring what okay no never.

Mind never mind so pretend yourself I got confused with Vienna who was indeed the doctor the portray one is really not having a good time.

Actually this can be deconstructed I.

Mean we have the cooler which we will keep at a frosty -1 and we’re getting plenty of meat coming in which means plenty of food I’m a buffalo that one’s a bit.

Trickier than we’d like you to come.

Here oh good it’s moved up that way Kristen can get a few shots and come attack that things to Felix let’s get it all killed up hopefully without the Buffalo killing anyone seems ok for now there we go alright so what we are going to want to do try one how are you you’re you’re okay you’re gonna rescue that muffle.

Oh because another trick for skill training is well I do want to kill this muffle Oh because it’s a male and plenty of meat so what I’m going to do is use a nice bite cut yes you’re going to spend some medicine trying.

But that should be okay try one is going to get dang okay never mind Trayvon is gonna hide in his room that’s okay too and the idea would be that Troy will not get medical training by a healing it.

Up and then a massive one by doing an operation in this case utilize my gut so that is a trick you.

Can use in your own saves if you’d like there we go got a lot of Becca bull coming and it’s gonna be.

Useful for when we when we can make clothes should be soon just need that thing built up food we have on crafting basically everyone that’s fine so we’ll get a bunch of crafting how is this okay it looks like it just.

On the walls and it don’t need to remove the walls to make the overall vent that’s fine and it should keep these rooms like kinda toasty so let’s have here make what we have we have slate we have sandstone and marble no granite I don’t think no so mostly slate and Sansome but we are going to do slate blocks we’re going to do until we have about I don’t know 200 yeah and we are going to pause and pause at 108 to best I don’t want.

The radius to be unlimited I do I want the radius to be around here that’s my dumping stockpile and we are going to do the same for marble well not the same we’re just going to make it about the 75 not do it 75 just do it until you have 75 unpause that like 25 or something that works because marble is great to make pretty statues and floors you should also have sandstone blocks but for the moment that will work that’ll do you we can use some.

Of this alpaca wool or the cloth to get a decent chair so let’s go and do a cloth armchair that’s whomever is working there will be super comfortable so there’s Christian already going for it which means we are soon going to be able to make slight walls which is what.

We want and I’m actually going to be a little bit nasty and replace all walls with slight walls except the smooth ones but what that actually started doing that are just slate blocks under what the differences I suppose with this one you can just replace everything with the slight box and not just the walls could.

Be a nice way to get like to make a room entirely one type of stone and now I’m just going to go over the wooden walls then we are going to take care of these or walls but that can wait extreme break.

Risk from tray 1 badly malnourished oh that’s not good not a sign to cooking that’s fine I’m going to assign you.

Temporarily so please butcher that and once you’re done okay and to that that’s fine okay okay that’s fine for now three-one can you come and consume a simple meal while you can more.

Please so that should help with your badly malnourished yeah doctoring is it up.

So sure what really should doctor himself before being in bed to rest that’s.

Okay yeah little things out still point butts okay now that’s fine that’s why not replace them with marvel chicken why is Kristin doing all that cooking no cuz instead of removing it I.

Increase the priority that’s fine there’s not a waste because Felix had things to cut that’s all good and dandy and.

Still have walls while they’re being replaced but we get the replacement that’s a lot of time and we have a rate single pirate that’s okay where are they over there so Kristen Felix.

Your shift to select colonists not in a row bunch of those.

Over here come on some point today Rhea you should change poorest one shot one hit kill hurry I would have preferred to be incapacitated but what can I do just gonna have a few extra graves here Odin these should be holed urgently cuz milk milk is precious do we have mail pakka yes yes you do well all the females are pregnant that’s a.

Great that way we can like probably kill.

And not back over to you as they’re juveniles of course the food hunter likes ranged weapon yeah yeah yeah and figure starvation for no reason go eat yes good and so Kristen done.

There she is going to continue with the wall so for protection for us to Beth about 21 being so injured we have a visitor who has nothing to trade sir gonna leave her alone we.

Definitely don’t wanna mess with that weapon she has we’re just going to keep on living our lives and gathering our foods and replacing our walls nice wholesome life why are you called watching ugly environment well yeah happens look at that that is a incendiary launcher that weapon is murder great weapon to assault defenders not so much to defend but yeah very good for assaulting so Kristen you’re sleeping again is everyone sleeping.

All the time actually want to change this to industrial or worse so that if.

We get any cleaner world medicines I want them saved up for when we need to do like limb replacement or other operations so this also needs to go in okay Kristen how are you doing lots of rice awesome Trevon I really really need you to get.

Up and stop being such a lazybones I mean right guys huh they’re already tired enough and it’ll be sudden it’s like slowly going.

Down it’s just fine it’s what we got Felix hit the meals we have yeah fine meals our possibility he probably just doesn’t have the skill for it cooking for ya once.

He gets to five we are definitely just like getting fine meals that’ll be great for us go ahead Kristen one great thing about it I’m actually gonna do that and I’m going to make the bills drop on floor animal disease plague.

Are my things oh if they die it’s not much of a much.

Of a problem but we still want to get that’s a squirrel we still.

Want to get some cute fuzzy wildtype let’s see if we can’t get a few brown ones somewhere does it look like.

It yeah nope yeah medicine is being a.

Little bit of a problem for us right now that’s.

Will be able to just make an Harvester boom rats of times okay that sounds like a bad idea but let’s make it into a little battle bump that way when we get ready that we can just release.

Hopefully try and kill it and it’ll explode on them just the best best use for boom rats to be honest common well this doesn’t look like they are going to be doing much of anything yeah what is Kristin doing you think but you have yeah things to do it’s different things but we are about out of.

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